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8 Hijabi Hair Problems That Are Too Real

8 Hijabi Hair Problems That Are Too Real

These hijabi hair problems are going to be something you definitely relate to if you wear a hijab on a regular basis like I do!

As someone who has worn a hijab for just over six years I can tell you that my hair underneath is not beautiful and luscious, wearing a hijab does affect your hair and it’s something not many people talk about. Here are a few hijabi hair problems that are too real:

1. Flat hair

No amount of volume shampoo can make up for the fact that my hair is as flat as a pancake. Constantly having my hair tied back in a tight knot for six years has meant that my hair has next to no volume and trying to fix this is pretty pointless.

8 Hijabi Hair Problems That Are Too Real


2. Dandruff

This may not be for everyone but I have found that the lack of air getting to my scalp often leads to dandruff especially in the summer. I have tried everything from Head and Shoulders to special oils to try and fix it, unfortunately nothing has stuck so far. This is definitely one of the worst hijabi hair problems.

3. Hair loss/thinning

This is a one of the hijabi hair problems most hijabis face, it is an effect of not wearing the hijab properly. I usually tie my hair in a tight knot, this pulls the hair very tightly and causes hair loss and thinning. This problem is too real because most of us have our hijabs on for hours and hours and the only way to ensure it stays in place is by making sure your hair is tight underneath. This also leads to another problem too…

4. Receding hairline

I know this sounds horrible and it is. Many of us have this problem which is very hard to fix but there are ways to try to stop it. Try to keep your hair down as much as possible at home and when tying your hair up pull it at the front to keep it a little looser, this goes for anyone hijabi or not who may be going through the same thing.


8 Hijabi Hair Problems That Are Too Real

5. Greasy or dry hair

Wearing the hijab does not affect people’s hair in the same way, personally, my hair tends to get greasy really quickly but one perk of wearing the hijab is that no one can see what your hair is like underneath.

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6. When you take it off

I’m sure other hijabis will agree with me on this one, you can straighten your hair right before putting your hijab on and half an hour later it will be all messed up again. All that hard work can get ruined just like that, the struggle is all too real.

7. No clue how to style your hair

Many hijabis started wearing a scarf at a young age just like myself and so we never really got to play around with our hair or learn to style it. And that means I have no idea what to do with my hair when I do something that doesn’t require me wearing my hijab.

8 Hijabi Hair Problems That Are Too Real


8. Other people’s expectations

Once we get past the “yes I have hair”, “no I’m not bold” and “no I don’t want to take it off” people usually have a mental picture of Princess Jasmine’s hair which is far from accurate, don’t get me wrong there are many hijabis with beautiful hair but that’s not me.

Saying all this does not mean I regret or dislike wearing my hijab a single bit, it is a part of me and I’m sure most hijabi’s feel the same. What do you think are some of the most tiring hijabi hair problems? Tell us in the comments!
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