Hijab Styles For Different Face Shapes

There are so many options for hijab styles to wear, and we can help you pick out the best one for you based on your face shape!

When you wear a hijab it can sometimes be hard to find a style that will suit you specifically. A hijab style may suit one person because they have an oval face and it may not suit somebody else because they have a rounder one. It’s all about seeing what works for you and to help out with your journey, we’ve gathered some great tips on what hijab styles suits what face shapes.

Oval Faces.

If you have an oval face then it’s best not to wear a style that makes your face look longer. This means you shouldn’t create a triangle tip at the top of your hijab and it also means, you need to show more of your face. While that may sound weird, showing more of your face actually makes it appear bigger than covering parts of it because it gives it more of a shape.

Long Faces.

If your face is particularly longer than others, my top tip is to create some volume in the back to draw some attention away from it. You should always try to make sure your hijab is not too long as this would make your face look a little longer. If you like to lengthen your hijab for modesty, why not try to substitute this for wearing baggier clothes or abayas. Also, maybe fold the hijab at your forehead to make your face look smaller.


Round and Heart-Shaped Faces.

Don’t make your face look even rounder by flattening it out on your forehead and tucking it in your cheeks too tightly. Instead, I would say create a triangular point at the top of your head to give greater structure to your face. For those of you with a heart-shaped head and a slightly larger forehead area, this tip works for you just as well.

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Square Face with Strong Jaw.

If you have a strong jaw I would advise that you don’t tighten your hijab on your jaw. This would bring a lot of attention to your jaw and take it away from other parts of your face. Instead, show some more of your forehead and cover a little of your jaw.

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Featured Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/attractive-beautiful-beauty-cute-539727/