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15 High Waisted Bikini Sets For Your Next Vacation

15 High Waisted Bikini Sets For Your Next Vacation

If you're looking for some high waisted bikini sets to relax on the beach in, then these bathing suits bottoms will do the trick for you! Not only are they cheap, but they're super cute!

If you’re ready for a vacation but not bikini ready, say no more. We’ve all been in a situation where we just aren’t ready to bare our bellys. Thankfully, the swimsuit gods have created one-pieces, tankinis, and my true favourite: high waisted bikini sets, for us not-so-confident women to enjoy. However, the high waisted bikini is what has us won over. These fashion staples are making a comeback from the 50’s, and look f*cking amazing on all body types. Even if you don’t have anything to cover up, these bikinis are a great fashion staple to have around. So without further ado, here are some of our favourite high waisted bikini sets to wear on your next beach day!


1) Black On Black

Forever 21 absolutely kills it with their high waisted bikini sets! This black on black look is so cute, goes great with a tan, and better yet – covers that pesky lower stomach area we don’t need people seeing! Not to mention, it’s dirt cheap.


2) If You Want To Bare A Little More

Let’s say you’re not worried about covering up, you just like the style. If that’s the case, then this high waisted bikini set is the way to go! You still get the high waisted style, but the sheer top and bottoms shows just a little more.


3) Army Green Goes Great With A Tan

I know it’s a hit or miss, but personally I love a good green suit. This army green swimsuit covers all the problem areas, including your under-boob (if you have problems with that).

4) The Bandeau Suit

Not all high waisted bikinis need straps! This bandeau style is great to avoid those strappy tan lines, not to mention it’s super cute!


5) Go With The Lace Up Style For A More Revealing Look

If you find the high waisted bathing suit sets to be a bit bland for your taste, then try out a lace up style to mix things up! This bathing suit is super fashionable, and will definitely draw attention!


6) The Lace’d Back

Keeping on the trend of laced styles, this two piece set has the slightest lace detail hidden in the back that in my opinion, makes the entire suit!


7) The Long Sleeve Set

Sometimes our stomachs aren’t the only problem, many of us can feel insecure about our arms too! This long sleeve suit still keeps you stylish, and covers your not-so-confident areas! Side note- you can wear this suit and still be confident with your body.


8) A Tropical Oasis

Wear this on your already tropical vacation or at your local pool, the pattern is cute no matter what! Not to mention, the stringy bottoms add a fun and sexy detail.

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9) A Classic Style

This bikini screams 50’s! If you’re a fan of the vintage cut of these high waisted bikini sets then this is the suit for you! It’s extremely retro, and super cute!

10) For A Sportier Look

If you’re more of a tomboy, then try out this high wasted bikini. The sporty style is still very feminine, but if you wanted to skim board on the beach all day you won’t have to worry about this suit moving around!

11) For The String Bikini Fans

If you’re a lover of string bikinis but don’t have the courage to wear them right now, then try out this high waisted stringy style! It’s still sexy, and the bottoms can even be mixed and matched with old string tops in your closet!


12) The Wrapped Style

This suit literally looks like it’s been perfectly wrapped around your body. Not to mention red is such a sexy color with some sun tinted skin!

13) Bohemian Vibes

If you’re looking for a boho vibe, then this suit has that. The abstract top goes great with the black bottoms. Not to mention it literally covers a majority of your torso, just showcasing your ribs!

14)  It Looks Like Lingerie, But It’s Your Swimsuit

Lace has made it’s way into everyday clothing bigger and better then ever, and I’m not mad about it. This classic style looks great with the added lace detail on top!


15) Frilly And Flirty Suits

This white two piece suit was just too cute to ignore! Wear this pool side or at the beach, it’s perfect for both!

What do you think of these high waisted bikini sets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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