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5 Hidden Places You Should Visit Once You Are In Paris

5 Hidden Places You Should Visit Once You Are In Paris

Charming bars, Bohemian caves, secret this article just a few of the best-hidden places you should visit once you get in Paris. Enjoy!

Charming bars, Bohemian cafes, secret this article just a few of the best-hidden places you should visit once you get in Paris. Keep following our magazine if you want to discover more about the city of love!

1. La Bellevilloise

If you are in Paris on a Sunday you should definitely try the Jazz Brunch at La Bellevilloise! Located in the nice district of Ménilmontant, next to the revalued and popular area of Belleville, this vibrant large multilevel site invites you to relax with your friends in the company of the good live music of young musicians. On this Bohemian and historical atmosphere, you can sip a cocktail, enjoy the many different exhibitions, taste the excellent food it offers or walk through the organic market.  So, take a seat on the wooden tables for a one-of-a-kind Parisian experience!

2. Candelaria

This place is hidden for real! The street facing part of Candelaria is a Mexican takeaway bar, just beyond its walls, you can find this Alladin’s cave! Once inside the speakeasy, situated on the high cultural Marais neighborhood, you can try the excellent Mezcal and have a fine plate of guacamole and tacos. We would recommend this personal and unique meeting place for everyone who wants to start a Saturday evening like a local!


3. La Villette

Situated on the XIX arrondissement, On the border with Le banlieue, is a bit far from the center of the city that’s why often is not on the bucket lists! Parc de la Villette is actually a big open space worth the visit because is one of the largest concentration of cultural venues in Paris, including the Citè des Sciences et de l’ Industrie, three major concert venues such as the Trabaendo, and the prestigious Conservatoire de Paris which architecture is amazing! During the summer you can enjoy a walk beside the canal de L’Ourcq or even watch a movie on the Open Air Cinema, Otherwise, we recommend a stop at the Grande Halle, an amazing building made of iron and glasses and cultural center where you can enjoy some beers and a bit of Jazz!

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4. La place

if you love the hip-hop culture this is the place created for you! La Place Hip-Hop is a cultural center located a Les Hall on the heart of the city, nobody knows about it because it is situated on a second floor not really visible to the public. Featuring two concert halls, studios, 200 square meters of co-working space for hip-hop entrepreneurs and a bar open to everyone, La Place is as much about paying tribute to hip- hop as it is a space for musicians to collaborate. Once you get there you can find people dancing on old school rap beast in the middle of the hallway and you can always enjoy new expositions C’mon, get the ticket for the next concert of Leikeli47 or for the next graffiti workshop!


5. La REcyclerie

Built within an old train station, rehabilitated in “place of life”, the REcyclerie aims to raise public awareness of eco-responsible values, in a fun and positive way. Visitors can simply enjoy the organic cuisine or a drink in the refreshment area, located on the rails which are covered in vegetation, or they can attend the daily workshops. For example, you will have the possibility to repair your broken accessories or benefit from a lesson in DIY cosmetics or in Yoga. Moreover, at the grocery counter, you can pick up a bottle of wine and other bio farm products! Go take the train on line 4 to get to this wonderful place!

There are many other places we would have liked to mention so keep following us if you want to discover more about the hidden Paris. For now, comment below what’s the one you absolutely want to go!

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