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Here’s Why You Should Embrace The Back To School Season

Here’s Why You Should Embrace The Back To School Season

Here's Why You Should Embrace The Back To School Season

After spending a summer full of sun, fun, and activities, it’s soon time to dust those textbooks, follow schedules and study for exams. At first glance, this doesn’t sound like too much fun and you’re probably slightly dreading it, but it’s actually something to really look forward to. If you don’t believe me then here is why you should embrace the back to school season.

1. Be reunited with your friends

I’m sure you had a great time hanging out with your friends over summer here and there but really there’s nothing quite like seeing them every day.

2. Autumn is great

Going back to school means we’re in the autumn season and that’s pretty great. The crisp orange and red falling leaves. Halloween and Thanks Giving. The food is incredible and your school is sure to be hosting some sort of event.


3. New stationery

We all love a Paperchase or WHSmith haul. Pens, pencil cases, and rulers at the ready. You can buy some super cute stuff to make your learning even funkier.

4. Makes you appreciate the holiday you had

If you didn’t have to go back to school there would be no holiday. You can now look back on the great times you had and carry those memories with you while looking forward to the next break.

5. Back to school clothing

A new season, new academic year and new clothing. Show off your new gear in front of your classmates and you’ll probably gain a few compliments.


6. Learning new things

At the end of the day, school is all about learning and that’s pretty great. Something we often take for granted. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about history, science, and art. Maybe even take an additional class or extracurricular activity.

7. A fresh slate

It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf whether that’s to be nicer to your peers or study harder. Make this back to school season the best yet and be the best version of yourself.

8. Your meals cooked for you

Cooking is a chore and choosing what to eat can be difficult but now you need to worry about that no more. Hopefully, your school dinners are delicious.


9. Do everything you want to do before the holiday ends

With school looming its a kick up the butt to do all the things you wanted and intended to do but maybe haven’t. Go on that road trip, go to the movies and go to the beach.

10. You’re a year older and socially cooler

Another year group to be younger than you and for you to rule.

11. Get back your independence

Spending time with your family is great but soon becomes tedious. Always being forced to do chores and fighting with your siblings. Going back to school gives you way more independence than being cooped up at home.

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12. It could be your last

If you’re in your final year then you’ll never have the same back to school season again. Last time in that room with those friends and those professors. Make the most of it.

13. Opportunity for romance

If you haven’t found love already then this upcoming school year could be your chance. Put yourself out there, meet new people and get flirting.


14. Avoiding the real world

No job or need to make money while still studying. Thank god.

15. Weekends

And if you’re still not persuaded or enjoying yourself there’s still Saturday and Sundays to enjoy.

There are fifteen reasons to embrace going back to school. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with the year. Make the most of it and enjoy.


What are you most looking forward to about going back to school? Tell us below.

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