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Here’s Why We Are Loving Iris Apfel’s Style

Here’s Why We Are Loving Iris Apfel’s Style

Iris Apfel's style game is the epidemy of fashion goals to aim towards. Not only is she slaying the fashion game at 96, but her interior decorating skills are everything we dream about as well. Here's why you should admire Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel is an American businesswoman, flee market freak and fashion icon who is admired across Manhattan, and even the world, for her eccentric style. Even at the age of 96 she has managed to staple herself as someone we want to take fashion advice from. Seriously, Iris Apfel’s style is major goals.

Iris’s early fashion career started at the legendary industry title Womens Wear Daily as a copy editor, but since her rise to fame in the fashion world, Iris has launched a handbag brand and a MAC makeup collection. As outlined in her book ‘An Accidental Icon’, Iris Apfel believes that you should be who you are and be yourself unapologetically. I don’t know about you but this is now my new mantra; Iris Apfel is an inspiration. We just can’t get enough of her so here are the top 5 reasons why we love her style:

1. She LOVES jeans

Isn’t it so relaxing to know that even a high-end fashion icon swears by jeans. In an interview with Architectural Digest in 2011 she stated: “Have you seen the prices? Scandalous. I mean, yes, if they are embroidered or beaded or made special in some divine way, but honestly, jeans are jeans. I live in them most of the time.” How fab is that? she agrees jeans shouldn’t be expensive as they are an everyday asset to any outfit, and we agree, which is why we love her style.


2. She LOVES colour

One of the main reasons we love Iris Apfel’s style is she is completely obsessed with colour. Now and then we see her wearing dark colours, but these are broken up with furs and different patterns and fabrics. She wears everything from bright red fur coats to pastel blue suits, and what does this teach us? That no matter what you should be confident about who you are. Her courageous style and wacky outfits prove that confidence is the key to a happy long life.

3. She LOVES jewellery

No matter how old you get jewellery becomes a part of your style; whether it be simple and understated, or bright and bold. In Iris Apfel’s case, it is always bold and she teaches us there is no such thing as too many accessories; she wears statement rings, bangles, and necklaces.  She insists “There’s a sad lack of glamour in the world today,” Apfel mourns. “And there’s absolutely no fantasy.” Perhaps, therefore, her statement jewellery is her fantasy that provides glamour to every outfit. My personal favourite has to be her giant red beaded necklaces; she has traded in classy pearls for something marvellous and eye-catching.

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4. She LOVES her glasses

When I was younger I hated wearing my glasses, but Iris Apfel has taught me to embrace them. She has always rocked chunky frames, forcing them to become iconic. Specifically, her oversized black rims have become a symbol of her personal brand. Perhaps we just love how bold she is but I reckon it because her style is so unique she makes us all want to reinvent ourselves with our own unique style.

5. She LOVES layers

Finally, what has made us love Iris Apfel’s style is that she loves layers. Whether it be scarves, coats or her jewellery I have discussed; she just loves to layer up patterns and colours. I reckon this is one of the main reason Iris Apfel has become an icon as she really doesn’t care what people think of her. So what if she wears 3 different coloured scarves, I think its brave and we should all opt to be more like her with our individuality.

Perhaps we should all take a page out of Iris Apfel’s style book and add glamour back into the world. What do you think?

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