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Here’s Why Skinny-Shaming Is Just As Bad As Fat Shaming

Here’s Why Skinny-Shaming Is Just As Bad As Fat Shaming

Find out why skinny-shaming is just as bad as fat-shaming. Have you ever experienced skinny-shaming? Check out what we have to say about this issue.

Skinny-shaming might be an alien term to some people but it is a serious problem that needs addressing. Many people are aware of fat-shaming and how hurtful that can be. It is also much more prominent than skinny-shaming. Magazines usually include unflattering photographs of celebrities who may have gained weight. Although the idea of being called skinny seems appealing to most people, there are many, women in particular who struggle with health issues regarding being underweight. In some cases, this leads to anorexia, a life threatening illness which actually has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder.

Although I have never suffered from any of these illnesses, I have experienced skinny-shaming myself. I was born skinny, and like many girls, I wished for curves and a little extra weight. At times, I feel as though I could be more toned but not skinnier. Due to my fast metabolism, I tend to eat quite a lot for my size. Some may think it is amazing but there are only so many times you can take being asked “are you old enough to do this?” because of my boyish figure. It is sometimes a curse. It has also led to vitamin deficiencies and various other minor health issues.

The problem with skinny-shaming is that it happens just as often as fat shaming. Yet it is not seen as offensive to said skinny person. From people forcing food on you because you’re just “skin and bone” or being informed that men don’t like skinny girls, because they like something to hold on to. Those comments are both embarrassing and insulting. In addition, they are very similar to hurtful comments made to an overweight person, such as how that they should eat less. However this is now more of a rare occurrence. Fat-shaming has become more taboo, and people feel as though they can say anything to someone underweight.

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So next time you might be thinking of forcing a skinny girl to eat a whole pack of custard creams at the office, think of what health issues she may be experiencing. Try to put yourself in that person’s skin. Maybe the person just physically can’t put weight on. Always remember that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat.

What are your thoughts on skinny-shaming and fat-shaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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