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Here’s Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus

Here’s Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus

Here's Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus

College can be a stressful time. You participate in too many activities and you always feel sleep-deprived. Studying, partying, part-time jobs, stress – too many things to juggle at once. Research has shown insufficient sleep on college students can have a negative effect on their health, moods, GPA, and safety. It is clear sleep matters. That is why we made this list to tell you where to take the best naps on a college campus.

Just remember: studies have said don’t nap after 4 pm. Keep the naps to around an hour. Naps of around 20 minutes are seen to be a perfect duration. If you are one of those people who can’t take a nap during the day, just laying down and taking a rest can have its benefits.

1. In Your Car

If you drive to campus, you already have a car. If you don’t, ask to sleep in a friend’s car. A car is great because you can put the heater on if it’s freezing outside or put the air conditioner on if it is too warm. It is probably the most private and comfortable place to take a nap around campus.

Here’s Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus

2. In the Library

If all you need is a quiet place for a nap, a library is a great place to go. Find an empty room (… if there are any), a comfy couch or resort to a table and chair. Just put your head down and snooze away. Don’t worry, you definitely won’t be the only person taking a nap in the library! There will be many tired students having a nap.

Here’s Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus


3. In the Outdoors

On a summer’s day or if it is warm enough outside, taking a nap outdoors is a great place. Find a spot under a tree, maybe under a bench or on the lawn. Plug your earphones in and fall asleep to the music. You may feel slightly uncomfortable sleeping on the lawn by yourself. Grab a friend if they are going to study and ask them to study outside while you have a nap.

4. In the Buildings

Around the campus, there are many buildings. In those many buildings, there are many plush chairs, couches or chairs and tables you can make yourself comfortable in. Walking around you might see these spots along the corridors or they could be hidden spots you stumble across. Many students go to these places to study, maybe watch a television show or have a nap!

Here’s Where To Take The Best Naps On A College Campus

5. In a Class

It must be emphasised this is the last resort to take a nap. Even though it is the last resort, it can still one of the best places. If it is too cold outside, there are no free spaces in the library or when you are walking around to find a chair and you are just unbelievably tired, a class may be the only place to take a nap.

If you choose to take a nap in a lecture – situate yourself at the back of the lecture hall. Make sure you have a friend with you to wake you up when the class is over! You don’t want to wake up realising it is a different class! If it is in a tutorial or seminar – this should be the last option because it is the riskiest! Getting caught sleeping could get you in trouble. If you’re worried – try and sleep with your eyes open and pretend to pay attention.

Naps will make you feel better, more alert and more focused. Let us know in the comments below where you nap on your college campus!

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