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Here’s The Ultimate Sheffield University Bucket List

Here’s The Ultimate Sheffield University Bucket List

Here's The Ultimate Sheffield University Bucket List

Sheffield University is one of the most vibrant and critically acclaimed Universities in the country and so you want to make sure you’ve made the most of it as a student!

This is the ultimate Sheffield University bucket list that every student should look to complete before they graduate!

1. Take a trip to Meadowhall

Meadowhall is one of the largest shopping centres in the country and you can catch a tram from Sheffield University straight there!


Its an ideal student day-out for shopping, eating or going to the cinema whilst also experiencing Sheffield’s surroundings and greater Yorkshire.

2. Ride the paternoster

Easily one of the quickest to tick off your list, the paternoster is an elevator located in the university’s arts tower.

It moves continuously without stopping at floor levels and has no doors, making it one of only two of its kind left in the country.


Take it to reach the top of the 20-story 78 metre arts tower for the best views of Sheffield University and the city of Sheffield itself!

3. Visit the cat cafe

Located on Cemetery Road, Tabby teas is a cosy cafe shop that’s also a playground for loads of cute cats!

Just a bus journey away from University, its a must-go-to cafe for any student cat and/or coffee lover that you’ll never want to leave!


4. Take a trip to the peaks

The peak district is right on Sheffield University’s doorstep, making it a must for you and your pals when it comes to a day trip to get away from uni routines and stress!

Hike through hills, climb up boulders or open-air swim in lakes and plunge pools in the middle of one of the country’s best outdoor landscapes!

5. Visit the Alpaca farm

just a bus journey away from the University on the outskirts of the peaks is the Mayfield alpaca farm that makes for a great daytime activity with you and your uni pals!


Located on Fulwood Lane and stretching out across 45 acres, the farm is home to a range of cute and fluffy alpacas you can feed and pet to your heart’s desire, an opportunity every Sheffield University student should make the most of!

6. Visit Kelham Island

Next to the city centre and just a bus journey away from the university, Kelham Island is a picturesque and historic part of Sheffield marked off by canals that makes for a great day out.

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Visit the Kelham Island Museum and learn more about Sheffield’s history or sit and have a drink overlooking the canals and take more of Sheffield in your time as a student!

7. Attend a Varsity match

Every Spring semester a series of varsity sports matches take place between the two competing Sheffield Universities.

Played in some of Sheffield’s greatest arenas and stadiums, you can cheer on Sheffield university’s sports teams and enjoy the sporting festivities as the unis battle it out for city supremacy.


Ice hockey and men’s football are particularly popular and often feature cheer-leading, live music and post-match night out events for the perfect day out that is an absolute must for any Sheffield University student!

8. Go on a West Street bar crawl

The heartbeat of Sheffield’s nightlife, West Street is home to some of Sheffield’s best bars which right next to Sheffield University!

Whether you’re with a club or society or it’s just you and some pals, a bar crawl on west street makes for an amazing and hilarious night out that is a must for any Sheffield University student!


Which of these have you already ticked off your list? What’s on your Sheffield University bucket list? Let us know below!

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