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Here’s The 10 Best Ways To Style A Lob Haircut

Here’s The 10 Best Ways To Style A Lob Haircut

Are you looking to achieve natural-looking bronzed skin this summer? Then look no further! Here are the best ways to get that bronze look!

Alexa Chung, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez have all tried out a lob haircut, and made us want one too. Maybe you already have one but don’t know how to style it, or maybe you’re tempted but are worried about leaving behind endless styling opportunities. Whichever fits you, this list will squash your worries and give you inspiration to no end.

1. Beachy texture

A style I always attribute to Serena Van Der Woodsen (aka Blake Lively), beachy textured hair is the ultimate goal. Use salt spray to create thick wispy strands that perfectly frame the face.

2. Half bun/half down

We can’t wash our hair every day, or even every other day, so we sometimes need to hide all the grease that we got going on. This is a perfect way, and also works to show off funky hair colour palettes.


3. Uneven parting

Add a slight wave and you have the most idc hair possible. Have you just got out of bed flawlessly, or was this a strategic plan? Who knows.

4. Sweeping side parting

Frames the jaw, and shows off statement earrings/slay-worthy contour. Effortless but amazing.

5. Chunky curls

Think Rosie Huntington-Whitely in all her beautiful glory. This is an everyday chic style with superpowers that make any outfit look on-trend.



6. Twisted pull-back

Princess and practical. Hair can remain away from your face but looks mega from behind. Just secure with grips, it’s literally that easy.

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7. Double french plait

This is so summery, so cute, but not so simple. You might need to grab a friend to help you master this look, but I’m sure they’ll think it’s worth it.

8. Half-halo braid

This is way easier to do but just as cute. You could even accessorise with flowery grips.

9. Half-up/ half-down pony

Go wavy or go straight. This hair tackles Ariana Grande and Khloe K’s go-to hairstyle and is simple to tackle.


10. Low bun

The less hair, the less bun, but what you lack in a bun, you can make up for in headscarves or loose wispy strands.

What do you think of these lob haircut styling options? Let us know in the comment section below!

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