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Here’s The Best UK Cities To Move To For University

Here’s The Best UK Cities To Move To For University

Here's The Best UK Cities To Move To For University

When choosing a university, there is more to consider than just what courses they offer. It is also important to research the area you will be moving to. Here are some of the best university cities to move to in the UK!

1. Glasgow

Glasgow has three universities within the city, so you have plenty of choice of where and what to study here. Glasgow city centre has a fantastic nightlife which is perfect for students, as well as a thriving LGBT+ club scene. There are no shortages of places to eat in the city too. If you are looking for a more fancy night out, you can head over to the West End and visit some of Glasgow’s more affluent restaurants. There is a lot of student accommodation choices in the city, so do some research and find what suits you best.

2. Leeds

Leeds is the everyman of university cities as it really has a little bit of everything. Whether you are looking for great shopping centres, lots of places to eat, or some inexpensive clubs and bars – Leeds has it all. The location is also perfect for travel to other towns and cities such as Bradford, Wakefield, and York.


3. Bristol

This artsy city is perfect for more creative students who want somewhere quieter to live. Whilst Bristol does have a nightlife, that is not what it is known for. Bristol is renowned for its independent small businesses and eateries, as well as its beautiful harbourside and docks. It is a cultural city surrounded by greenery and wildlife which will suit the more rural students.

4. Manchester

Manchester has one of the highest student populations in the UK, so you will definitely not feel out of place here. The local tram services means it is quick and easy to move around the city, and should mean you are never late to your lectures! Manchester is also close enough to some of the outside universities such as Salford that it is entirely possible to live there and travel out of the city to study.

5. Cardiff

The Welsh capital is a fantastic place to study. This multicultural city is perfect for students coming into the UK from abroad. For those moving from more rural locations, the gorgeous Cardiff Bay will be a huge factor in drawing you to the city. Cardiff is also known for being a lot cheaper than most university cities in the UK, which is useful when you are a student with very little money to spare.


6. Brighton

If you are looking for a location with a beach, you cannot do much better than this sea-side city. Living at Brighton Pier makes it feel as if you are on holiday every day. The pier has plenty of great restaurants as well as fun carnival sideshows for when you need to let off some steam. There are also a number of LGBT+ clubs and bars. Brighton can be a tad expensive for students, but there are always cheap student nights happening somewhere.

7. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is a fantastic place for students to live. For a start, the city is split into two halves – the Old Town and the New Town. This means there are a wide variety of places to explore. You can venture to Prince’s Street for your shopping, take a trip to the castle, then walk up the Royal Mile and find somewhere to eat. The best part of living in Edinburgh is the Fringe, which will be right on your doorstep and offers loads of fun free events for students who are low on cash.

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8. Newcastle

Newcastle is loved by students for its thriving nightlife and independent music venues. There are plenty of options for student accommodation throughout the city and most of it is very affordable. Newcastle is a fairly inexpensive city on the whole, meaning you will not need to break the bank in order to have fun here. As university cities go, this is a great choice all round.

9. London

As the largest city in the UK and also the nation’s capital, it is no surprise than London is a good choice out of the country’s university cities. London is filled to the brim with things to do, and even after three years studying here you probably still will not have seen everything. Between museums, theatres, coffee shops, bars, parks, and all the famous historical landmarks, London really is somewhere that will never be boring.

10. Liverpool

Liverpool is known for its buzzing atmosphere and it will engulf you as soon as you enter. The city’s Concert Square is a favourite venue for students with lots of clubs offering student discounts. Accommodation is very affordable here compared to elsewhere in the UK. If you are someone looking for a smaller, more community-spirited city, Liverpool could be exactly what you need.


What city did you move to for university? Would you consider any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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