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Here’s Spotify’s Best Playlists Right Now

Here’s Spotify’s Best Playlists Right Now

Spotify is the saviour of many of us stuck in a traffic jam or a boring day at work. Check our list for the best Spotify playlists now.

Spotify playlists can save your life. Whether you’re stressed, in love, happy, sad – Spotify has a playlist for every damn mood out there. This article isn’t a Spotify ad but more of a recommendation on which playlists you can check out at the moment, if you’re using the app, of course. The ones we’ve selected are quite popular and can be JUST what you need, so keep on reading and keep your Spotify app open.

Eurovision 2019

Not judging anyone that isn’t as invested in Eurovision as I am (jk, I AM judging you), and I’m well aware of the fact that Eurovision ended a couple of weeks ago, congrats to the Netherlands again. However, the playlist has already almost 500k followers and there is a solid reason why. The 2019 Eurovision was full of modern and amazing songs that should be a part of your playlist for many years to come!

Game of Thrones

Similarly like Eurovision, the biggest TV show in the world sadly ended and left us in tears not knowing what to do with our lives now. If you still aren’t over the end and you want to have the appropriate soundtrack while being mad about… things, then make sure you follow the GoT playlist so you feel like a part of the TV series anytime you open Spotify.


Jazz Vibes

Follow this lovely playlist while chilling in your room and enjoying a glass of wine or just to feel fancy. It gives you the relaxing feeling of a jazz lounge and just puts you in a good mood.

Game Night

Okay, there’s actually a playlist called ”Game Night” which means take out the board games and the alcohol and turn the speakers up! Also, a very good idea to play when having your Truth or Dare or Ring of Fire game this weekend…

Morning commute

Going to work/uni/college won’t suck again (or at least won’t suck as much) when you’re listening to this playlist full of songs guaranteeing to lift up your mood while you’re on the bus, train or in the car.


Roadtrip to Tokyo/France

I’ve only included a slash because it’s two different playlists and I didn’t wanna confuse you but those two Spotify playlists are amazing and give you that amazing vibe. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of going to those two places!

Epic Gaming

For those nights or evenings where you’re enjoying playing your video game, it’s a necessity to have a proper cool playlist to keep you focused and cheerful while you’re dealing, yet again, with the low fps or high ping.

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Summer Party

Well, summer is (mostly) here, the weather’s hot and you wanna go wild – get this Spotify playlist ready for the predrinks session and make sure you look bomb before heading out.

Deep Sleep

If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night you could give this selection a try because it’s mixed to help you snooze quicker. By the name, you would suppose that you’ll fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

Get Home Happy

The working day is over, you’ve finished work, you’re heading home and there isn’t a better feeling! Play this selection of songs to boost your, probably slightly exhausted self, and to make sure you get home in a happy lovely mood!


Spotify surely knows how to make tens of thousands of playlists for every possible mood out there, which makes us more than happy because that means… well, a playlist for each of our moods! Whether you need one to help you fall asleep faster or to lift your mood after a bad day, it’s all there. Now go ahead and listen to our suggestions!

What are your thoughts on our suggested playlists? Tell us below!

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