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Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

Here's Some Hair Removal Options You Haven't Considered

Hair removal. The bane of our existence. Whether it’s for vacay prep, a special occasion, or even if you’re not planning on any hair removal at all, and just wanna know what’s out there, it’s hard to keep up with the new hair removal trends. So we’ve compiled a list of hair removal options you might have missed, just for you.

1. Waxing

Ok, so this might seem like one of the more obvious ones you have considered. But let’s be real, here. More likely than not you dismissed it as way too painful, and haven’t looked back since. Depending on high your pain threshold is, your first couple times waxing is inevitably going to sting a bit. But after you’ve waxed a few times, it’s genuinely true that you get used to it.

The process of applying warm wax to the areas you want to remove hair from, and then peeling off the cooled wax and hair together, is a great long-lasting hair removal solution. The fact that someone else does it for you is a bonus too, making waxing perfect for those harder to get to areas like your bikini line.

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

2. Sugaring

This less common type of hair removal is reportedly easier, and less painful than waxing. Sugaring works basically in the same way as waxing, but rather than using hot wax, it involves a gel mix of sugar, lemon, and hot water. The gel binds to the hair follicles, but not the skin, so you are less likely to have a post-treatment rash, but it has basically the same long-lasting effects as a wax.

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

3. Threading

This method of hair removal is used mostly for areas on the face, namely the eyebrows. It involves twisting cotton thread over the hairs you wish to remove, the thin fibres gripping each hair firmly so that they are removed from the root, guaranteeing longer-lasting effects.

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

4. Hair Removal Cream

Hair Removal Creams like Veet have been popular for almost a hundred years, but with all the modern methods of hair removal becoming en vogue, these older methods tend to be overlooked. Hair removal cream is undoubtedly one of the least painful options out there, the formula breaking down the hair follicles in the area of application, and allowing them to be easily washed away. Chances of skin irritation and less long-lasting effects are higher with hair removal creams, but it’s an easy, pain-free method perfect for beginners.

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

5. Laser Hair Removal

The great thing about Laser Hair Removal is that it’s one of the hair removal options that’s almost permanent. The lasers effectively burn the hair root and follicle, and after about ten treatments, you’ll see a huge reduction in hair growth in areas that have been treated. There is a lot of small print though, you have to be careful about your skincare products, excersise routines, and how much time you spend in the sun, so maybe not the best one to get before the holidays.

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

6. Epilation

An epilator may sound like a medieval torture device, but don’t let that put you off. An electrical device that mechanically pulls and removes multiple hairs at the time, the effect of epilation is much like waxing, except with far less mess. The effects last up to a month, (which, let’s not lie is amazing), it’s great for sensitive skin, and the application doesn’t wreck your tan!

Here’s Some Hair Removal Options You Haven’t Considered

7. Just Leave It!

Honestly, if you’re not bothered, there’s nothing wrong with sacking off the fuss and bother of hair removal. Being au natural feels just as good most of the time, but without all the added stress.

Any other hair removal ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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