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Here’s Our Favourite Vintage Shops In Sheffield

Here’s Our Favourite Vintage Shops In Sheffield

Here's Our Favourite Vintage Shops In Sheffield

Sheffield is a vintage lover’s dream.

At a time where more people than ever before are turning to vintage as the source for their next wardrobe additions, there’s no better place than Sheffield to get thrifty. More and more young people are frequenting small local vintage shops in place of bigger chains in a bid to be more eco-friendly and to seek out original, authentic clothing at quality prices.

We are more willing than ever to wear pre-worn clothes to rep a retro aesthetic whilst simultaneously doing our bit for the planet by reusing clothes that would otherwise be wasted and reducing production rates of new clothes.


Sheffield itself is a renowned student city with two large universities, generating a high demand that the city centre duly satisfies. More than any other city, Sheffield boasts a breadth of vintage shops all within walking distance of each other, making it a retro fashion hotbed. Here are our favourite vintage shops that are certainly not to be missed.

1. Cow

Bringing the thrift to Sheffield’s bustling and infamous West Street, Cow is the first port-of-call for any vintage-lover in Sheff.

Cow is a renowned country-wide vintage chain that delivers quality every time. Dedicated to reducing waste, it is an Eco-lovers dream, with a great selection of denim in particular. Whether you shop in-store or on the Cow website, Cow’s range and quality means you won’t be far from finding the next fashion trend and keeping in the loop with all things vintage.


2. Vulgar

Far from living up to its name, this quaint little number is a vintage shop with character that aims to ‘work relentlessly to offer the best and the bang-on’est of Vintage Fashion.’

Located on Devonshire Street, this shop has grown in recent years and is home to many rare-finds that distinguishes it from every other vintage shop. With a wealthy range of shirts and shoes, in particular, vulgar is the go-to-place for both staple vintage and alternative hidden gems that every vintage-lover needs to visit!

3. Mooch Vintage

Located on Division Street just off West Street, mooch vintage screams timelessness, offering a balanced range for both guys and dolls with a quality array of jackets in particular.


With a history of creativity with its fashion selection, mooch is guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest trends where you’re bound to find something unique that just screams you. 10/10 worth a mooch.

4. Freshmans Boutique

One of the coolest of Sheffield’s vintage shops hidden around the corner of West Street on Carver Street, Freshman’s boutique packs a punch with an overwhelming array of retro gear.

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Boasting in particular a range of football shirts and denim, you are bound to find something you’ll fall in love within this staple Sheffield vintage shop that’s not to be slept on.

5. Ryan Vintage

With an enormous selection of shirts and denim, Ryan Vintage will have you browsing for hours on end.

Located on West Street, Ryan Vintage helps complete a magnificent series of Sheffield vintage shops that’s home to a range of retro sports gear and floral 80s-esque shirts that makes it a student hotbed and certainly a must-visit for any vintage-lover.


6. Vintage Kilo Sale

Whilst not a shop in itself, the vintage kilo sale, often held at the University of Sheffield Student’s Union, is unbeatable for value, as the price of the vintage is derived purely from its weight.

Load up on a shed-load of retro gear and beef out your wardrobe with bargains that’ll leave any vintage lover’s eyes sore. Pucker.

Which of these vintage shops will you be hitting next? Let us know below!

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