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Here’s How To Stay Healthy On Holiday And Still Have Fun

Here’s How To Stay Healthy On Holiday And Still Have Fun

Want to get some tips on how to stay healthy on holiday? Here are our tips and tricks to still enjoying yourself without going overboard!

Learning how to stay healthy on holiday can certainly be a challenge. With all-inclusive meals and beverages galore there is too much temptation. Being out in the sun for the majority of your holiday can also take its toll on both your body and your skin so it is important to take care of yourself and have a good holiday all at the same time. It can be done, so take note of some of these tips to stay healthy on your holidays this summer and still have fun!

Are you hydrated?

It is easy to forget about drinking enough water when you’re enjoying a cocktail by the pool, but it is important you top up throughout the day to ensure you don’t get dehydrated. Nothing ruins a holiday like having to spend the day n bed because you didn’t drink enough water the day before! It is all about balance and making sure you get to make the most out of your holiday with some healthy choices. Here’s a huge tip when learning how to stay healthy on holiday.

Treat yo’ self!

Whilst on holiday you should definitely treat yourself but there is a fine line between a treat and over-indulging. Give yourself that ice cream and help yourself to seconds at the all-inclusive buffet but maybe take some days to enjoy some fresh fruit or a healthier option. Fuelling your body with the right food can help you maximise your energy and ensure you’re raring to go each day!


Getting boozy

Now we all know that holidays just scream alcohol and lots of it. The key to staying healthy on holiday is knowing when enough is enough. Those cocktails by the pool and then those cocktails with dinner really do add up and can contribute to dehydration. Enjoy your drinks but also make healthier choices and maybe swap a calorie filled cocktail for a slightly lighter choice, maybe a mojito instead of a margarita? Seriously keep this in mind, when thinking about how to stay healthy on holiday.

Catch up on sleep

Everyone uses their holidays differently. Some like to go out and enjoy the nightlife whereas others might want to use it as a chance to relax. Either way, sometimes you come back more exhausted than when you left, getting up early to sightsee and make the most of each day can really catch up one you and it isn’t ideal when you were hoping to catch up on that sleep instead. Make sure you rest and take ample breaks throughout the day.

Stay active

It’s very easy to sit by the pool all day and then sit by the bar in the evening but it’s great to keep active. Maybe walking around the local area of taking a stroll along the beach is more your type of thing, either way, it is great to keep your body moving. Popping into the pool for a dip? How about you do a couple of lengths, it’s easy to combine a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyable holiday!

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Everyone loves buying holiday snacks like fizzy drinks and crisps to have back at the hotel or to munch on by the pool but are they really helping you fight the hunger? Probably not. They aren’t the healthiest choice and chances are they won’t dill you up til lunchtime. Make healthy choices and choose snacks that will fuel you until your next meal and don’t leave you starving!

Enjoy yourself!

It is important to practice self-care whilst on holiday too. Want to read a book? Do it. Want to go for a swim in the sea? Do it. It is important to look after yourself and have a great holiday at the same time. Put yourself first and make sure you fully immerse yourself in a relaxing environment.


We hoped you like our advice on how to stay healthy on holiday. What ways do you stay healthy on holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

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