Here’s How To Make Friends At Uni If You Don’t Live In Halls

Here's How To Make Friends At Uni If You Don't Live In Halls

With university costs rising year in, year out, there are more and more students opting to stay at home. With the financial benefits of staying at home tempting, it can be difficult to remember that you aren’t only going to Uni to study. I’m guessing that you are also hoping to make friends for life. I stayed at home during my years at Uni and my only regret would be not living in halls the first year. Sure you get to keep your home comforts but it makes it so difficult to make friends. Many people have already bonded with their flatmates. Therefore, here are some ways you can make friends at Uni if you don’t live in halls.

Join tons of Societies

You never know when you could make a new friend. So by joining tons of societies – even ones you aren’t that interested in – you fill up your schedule. Many societies have social events outside of their usual programs. This is the perfect way to meet likeminded people. By picking societies that you are extremely interested in, you will more likely be more animated and attract more people. If you have always played a sport for instance and start playing for your University team, you will be able to bond over your love of playing. By attending events you are more likely to meet friends than you would just by attending classes.

How To Make Friends When You Don't Live in Halls


Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s is the first event in the social calendar for the majority of students. It’s a week full of fun events and the focus is to network with your fellow students. Although it is a good opportunity to mingle and make friends. The majority of the time, people are overwhelmed so it’s difficult to make a connection. The majority of the events are focussed around drinking, but if you are t-total go along anyways. By making the effort it shows you are willing to make friends.

How To Make Friends At University When You Don't Live In Halls

Spend a Lot of Time on Campus

You can’t make friends at university if you are never on campus. So if friendship is the goal, then make a massive effort to stay on Campus during the first semester. Rather than attending your classes then leaving to head home for lunch. Head to your local Union or library café. Many students will be feeling homesick and nervous, like you. So if you stay on campus you will be much more likely to strike up conversations than if you were to head home alone.


How To Make Friends At University When You Don't Live in Halls

Use Social Media

As soon as you are accepted on your course, join every group related to it. Especially their societies page. That way you can hit the ground running and start chatting to the people on your course, before you even arrive on campus. By joining the societies page, you will be able to chat with people from your course that are more likely to meet up. They are probably in search of friends just like you. So by adding them on Facebook, you have already started to create a network of people to hang out with, when Uni eventually begins.

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How to Make Friends At University When You Don't Live In Halls

Help People Out

Going to University is a scary time for every student. So be kind, if you see someone looking lost then be friendly and ask if you can help. Friends don’t let friends struggle and who knows giving directions to someone could end in you gaining one. Ultimately, ‘you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar’, so be friendly. If you are standing outside a lecture theatre waiting on your class to begin, strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you. They will probably be anxious and want to chat to.

How To Make Friends At University When You Don't Live In Halls


Ultimately, if you want to make friends at university you’ll need to step out your comfort zone. Do you have any more tips?

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