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Unsure About Your Boyfriend? Here’s How To Know He’s The One

Unsure About Your Boyfriend? Here’s How To Know He’s The One

Relationships are fun, but not all are meant to last. If you're having doubts or need justification as to whether he actually is the one, here's how to know he's the one.

Relationships are fun, but not all are meant to last. If you’re having doubts or need justification as to whether he actually is the one, here’s how to know he’s the one… or he’s not the one.

1) He makes you laugh.

Something that means so much to people when it comes to relationships is laughter. If he makes your belly hurt with laughter he’s a keeper! That’s how to know he’s the one.

2) He puts you before anyone.

If he is choosing to see his ‘lads’ over you, there should be some questioning as to who is his main priority. He should find the balance between friends and you, but you should always come before his friends.


3) You miss him as soon as he leaves.

Distance sure makes the heart grow fonder. If he leaves for work or even to pop to the shop and you instantly miss him that’s a sign you are crazy about him.

4) You get along with his family, and he gets along with yours.

For many people, this is a very important thing, because if your family doesn’t like the person you are with how can you? We value our families opinions, so this is a good tip on how to know if he’s the one.

5) He loves you for who you are.

Although you may have bad habits, flaws or nightmare tendencies, he accepts you for the person you are, your values, desires and wishes.


6) You love it when he’s silly.

If you are sick of the annoying things he does, or you can’t stand when he acts in certain ways, that is a sign he might not be right for you. Being with someone forever is a big deal, so you have to make sure you love it even when he is goofy and silly.

7) You both want the same things from life.

Having the same values as your partner is very important. When you both want to move out, have kids, travel, get married or whatever it is, you both have to be on the same page. If you both want different things from life he may not be the right person for you.

8) You can totally be yourself around him.

You never feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of him and you feel like you can act how you would alone, in his company. You aren’t putting on a facade or acting differently just to impress him or suppress your personality because you are scared of what he’ll think.


9) There is 100% honesty.

Honesty can either make or break your relationship. Without an honest platform, a strong relationship can’t really be built on top of it. Honesty is very important in trusting each other and knowing where you stand with somebody. If there is little trust things need to be reevaluated within your relationship.

10) He accepts your flaws and you accept his.

Everyone has flaws, but finding the right person to accept them is a big deal. If he loves your flaws and sins, he is the one, and likewise with his.

11) You plan way ahead in the future.

If you are making plans 6 months to a few years ahead, you know you are both very serious about the relationship and know what you each want from life together.


12) You Think About Him All The Time!

If he’s on your mind 24/7 you know you’re obsessed with him (in a healthy way). Everything you do or see reminds you of him and makes you smile.

13) You Want To Tell Him EVERYTHING

If its the girl gossip from friends he doesn’t know, or what you had for lunch that day, you will want to share everything with him and he will listen attentively  – even if he cares or not.

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14) You Have More Good Times than Bad Times With Him

Of course, in every relationship there are ups and downs, and sometimes more downs than ups. If this is the case, there may be something that needs resolving in the relationship and needs a little work. For a happy and healthy relationship, there should be more good times than bad times.

15) He Treats You Like You Are The Only Girl In The World

He treats you like a Queen and knows that he can not do better than you. He looks at you like you’re the only girl in the world and doesn’t want anyone other than you. You feel totally confident and relaxed in what you have and totally trust him. You should also feel like he is the only person in the world for you.

16) He Is Your Number One Fan and You Are His

He should be your biggest supporter and fan in everything you do. He admires everything you do and always praises you for the little things. You should always want to impress your partner.


17) You Feel Like The Same Person

You both get those ‘wow are we the same person’ moments. Like you are both thinking the same thing, do the same things or say the same things at the same time, and it’s like you are the same person in different bodies. That is a great connection.

18) You Are Never Bored In His Company

Even doing nothing but sitting there in each other’s company cures your boredom. You could be doing something so mundane and still be having the best time because it’s with him.

19) You Could Stare At Him Forever

You will never get bored of looking at him. When he is doing something and all you want to do is watch and look at him. You secretly admire him and get that achy heartache when you do.


20) You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Each other

Whenever you are both in each others company all you want to do is touch him, even if it means your hand on his arm or his hand on your leg, you just can’t keep your hands off each other. If you still aren’t sure how to know he’s the one, then maybe he isn’t the one…

What do you think of these tips on how to know he’s the one? Let us know in the comments below!
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