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Here’s How To Get Over Him When He Goes Home With Someone Else

Here’s How To Get Over Him When He Goes Home With Someone Else

Wondering how to get over him and move on after he's done something unforgivable? Here's what you need to know in order to help you forget about that ex of yours fast!

Let’s set the scene, you’ve gone on a night out with your mates and the love of your life is there, unfortunately he is very close to some random girl you’ve never seen before. Whether he is an ex where things went bad, A guy you had a one-night stand and a connection with, or a mate a you are too scared to tell how you really feel, it’s going to hurt. As someone who has been through this situation more than I’d care to admit I’ve come up with some great (and some not so great) ways on how to get over him.

Do- Have a Good Night with Your Mates:

Try not to let it bother you, it will be difficult because if you are anything like me you have a radar that dials in to them, but you need to pretend you can’t see them. Take your mates further into the crowd and face the opposite direction eventually it will slip your mind even if just for a little while.

Don’t- Cause a Scene:

Unfortunately, you have no claim to this man and, in all likelihood, she is unaware of your existence. Fight the urge to bump into her and throw a drink in his face, it’s just a waste of good alcohol and will ruin everyone’s night by getting you all thrown out of the venue.


Do- Care for Yourself:

If it is hurting you that bad leave. Do not force yourself to stay and enjoy the night. You are just going to be thinking about him all night, what he is doing with her, why he isn’t with you. It just isn’t worth the heartache.

Don’t- Get Off with the Next Random Guy:

You will just regret this and it isn’t worth hurting another person’s feelings just to try to numb your own. Starting something new while hung up on someone is always going to end badly for one or both people involved.

Do- Text Him the Next Day:

If it still bothers you in the morning, send him a text to see where he is at. Even if it’s just a subtle “Hey that girl last night seemed fun” or it’s a point blank “I’m into you, where you at?”. It is the only way you are going to be able to start to move on and not annoy your mates for the next three weeks because you won’t get over a guy that may or may not even be thinking about you.

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Don’t- Facebook Stalk the Girl:

You are just going to compare yourself to her, and there are far too many girls tearing down girls in this world without you attacking yourself. The most you are going to find is a cute profile picture and her relationship status, you already know what she looks like and that she is single. Don’t keep yourself up at night just because you don’t know who she is. This is one of the best tips to take when wondering how to get over him!

It’s going to hurt for a couple days, maybe even weeks after but you need to spend time with your girls and your family and try to forget about him. You might want to cling on, tell yourself she was just a one-night stand, but you will just hurt yourself more. While you are holding on to what isn’t happening you could be missing out on something great!


If you were wondering how to get over him, hopefully this answers it! Let us know us know your tips in the comment section below!

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