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Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Freshers Week

Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Freshers Week

Here Are The Things You Need To Know Before Freshers Week

Freshers week is one of the most memorable things about university. This will prep you and inform you about everything you need to know about freshers week. It is by far one of the best weeks of your life, and your liver will eventually hate you for it. This week isn’t for the boring or the light hearted. The most important thing about freshers week – always be prepared.

Get Outfit Ready

Don’t let yourself have the outfit panic, be prepared and get simple going out clothes that will be great to dress up or down. Uni students love a themed night, so colourful shirts, white clothes and army prints will come in to be a huge help for all the Hawaii, black and white and Army themed pres you are about to go to. Get outfits that you are comfortable in and also that can get ruined and will not put you behind a lot of pennies (going out with students is a whole new level of messy). You will then be prepared for anything thrown your way – literally.

Invest In Some Comfortable Trainers

No one, and I mean no one, wears heels when they go out on a student night. The floors get covered in alcohol and even some bodily fluids in the toilets. Invest in a really comfortable pair of trainers that you can get trashed and will last you for a good year. Get a simple colour that you know will go with everything and some that you can chuck in the wash or wipe down. You can thank me later.


Do Everything

If your university have wristbands on offer for freshers weigh up how much you want to go to and how much you can afford. But if you take any advice away from this, let it be do everything! You will meet so many new people in freshers and form bonds that you will have for life. You will get to know your housemates and maybe your course mates and learn a lot about people. It’s a great ‘get to know you’.

Get Some Painkillers

There is no doubt that the amount of alcohol you will consume through freshers week will give you the most horrific end of week hangover that you have ever experienced. It’s always a good idea that you keep some emergency painkillers in your bedroom with a fresh glass of water and a sick bowl. Keep hydrated and eat foods that you can stomach.

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Get The Relevant Injections

As horrifying and traumatic as it can be getting injections, everyone will tell you how important it is to get the right vaccinations. Freshers flu is a real thing. Your immune system is at its most vulnerable state and you are guaranteed to catch something, even if it is a little cough. But that is much better than something that could put your life in danger. 3 seconds worth of pain is much better than being terribly ill.

Don’t Be Afraid

It is really daunting starting university. You are meeting new people and putting yourself in situations like never before, you may even be moving away. But do not let that cloud your judgement about uni. Uni days will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You make the most amazing friends and have the funniest nights out (some of those will be made during freshers). Enjoy yourself, be confident and have an amazing introduction to uni life.

Comment below your own top tip about surviving freshers week and the best places to have a night out in the city of your university.

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