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Here Are The Best Background Noises To Help You Fall Asleep – You’re Welcome

Here Are The Best Background Noises To Help You Fall Asleep – You’re Welcome

Here Are The Best Background Noises To Help You Fall Asleep - You're Welcome

Stress of life keeping you up at night? Want to fall asleep easily but haven’t quite managed it yet? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it might be time to incorporate some soothing background noises into your bedtime routine. Calm, gentle sounds are great for creating a relaxed environment in which you can fully unwind and switch off. Keep scrolling to discover the best background noises that will send you to sleep quickly!

1. Rain

Do you love cosying up on a damp Sunday afternoon and listening to the gentle patter of raindrops on the roof? If so, then rain noise may be the answer to your sleep problems! There’s something about the sound of rain which is super comforting. Because the brain doesn’t register this noise as particularly threatening, it sort of tunes it out. So when you listen to it, your body relaxes and you can fall asleep quickly as a result.

If it doesn’t make you feel like you need to use the bathroom, try a gentle, light rain soundtrack to ease you to sleep.


2. White Noise

White noise is great for soothing babies to sleep, but what about the rest of us?

Yes, it works. White noise is basically a steady humming noise which blocks out all other sounds, and it’s the consistency of the noise which lulls you to sleep. So if you’re a light sleeper and are easily woken up by snoring or suchlike, play a bit of white noise in the background and you should stay fast asleep. It’s particularly good at inducing sleep if you live in a built-up area with lots of traffic sounds, as it dampens irritating noise pollution.

3. Nature

If you’re an outdoorsy person and love nothing more than a stroll through the woods, why not try out the sound of nature to help you get to sleep? This can be anything from rainforest noises to a babbling brook. Whatever works for you! Studies suggest that sounds from nature reduce the fight or flight instinct in us, and help recreate the feeling of relaxation associated with being outside in the fresh air. Although this background noise isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely worth trying. Some research has even linked listening to nature sounds with high productivity in the workplace!

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4. Ocean Waves

The gentle sound of ocean waves lapping against the rocks is probably the most popular background noise out there. Much like the sound of rain, the repetitive, meditative notion of rolling waves is interpreted as a non-threatening sound by the brain, which totally puts your body at ease. Try this one out if you’re particularly stressed with essays or exams. You’ll be transported to a clear-blue ocean landscape in no time!

5. People

If you enjoy humdrum chatter, then perhaps a symphony of human voices should be the soundtrack to your sleep! Although it sounds a bit creepy, it works for a lot of people. Listening to others talk means that you’ll fade into the background, much like an onlooker at the edge of a room. The brain will recognise the monotony of the voices as nothing to worry about, and you’ll soon relax.


Or, if that doesn’t work for you, why not tone it down to just one person’s voice? There are plenty of apps out there which provide bedtime stories read by people with super relaxing voices. Podcasts work really well, too. This is particularly effective for those who suffer from stress and anxiety. Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

Which background noises help you fall asleep quickly at night? Share in the comments below!

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