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Here Are Our Favourite Sun Hat Styles – Ranked!

Here Are Our Favourite Sun Hat Styles – Ranked!

Here Are Our Favourite Sun Hat Styles - Ranked!

We all love buying new summer and holiday clothes but sometimes it’s not as easy trying to pick out sun hats that will go with your outfit so here is a list of our favourite sun hats ranked to make picking one to go with your outfit a little easier.

1. Wicker Hat – Flat Brimmed

Number one at the top of our list of sun hats is, of course, the iconic flat-brimmed wicker hat! These are the very definition of summer and match perfectly with pretty much every summer outfit whether it be with a cute sundress or just a pair of shorts and a shirt. These can even be styled differently with a silk scarf wrapped around or with a catchy phrase embroidered into the brim.

Of course, other styles of wicker hats like a downwards brim looks good but those are just a little dated now, we think the flat-brimmed wicker hat is here to stay for a while and is worth investing in this summer, which is why it has earned first place in the ranking board.


2. Bucket Hat

Number two on our list of sun hats may be a little dicey but hear us out! When we think of bucket hats we might think of judgmental Oasis fans, parka jackets, and dark fruits cider but it doesn’t have to be this way. Bucket hats are all about how they are styled and if they are styled right as it is below, then you can get yourself a really cute and functional hat that will protect your scalp from the scorching summer sun. We think they look best in lighter colours that will match with a lighter outfit just like the example below but there’s no harm in experimenting with darker colours if you fancy.

3. Beret

There is a big misconception that the humble beret cannot be worn in summer but this is just simply not true. We call it the humble beret not only because they are so versatile but also for how long they have been around and still are going strong. Beret’s look fantastic all year round and granted, these may be worn on the milder days of summer but there is no denying that they really to pull together just about any outfit and add that chic Parisian vibe we love so much. These can be worn to coffee dates while walking to the office, or even worn just to add a flare of class to your outfit while out for groceries, is there nothing the beret cannot do? We think not.

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4. Fedora

Much like the bucket hat, fedoras cannot be worn with just any outfit, which is why it has only ranked number four in of our list of favourite sun hats. The fedora has been given a bad rep’ by certain men who I’m sure would refer to themselves as “nice guys”, but this doesn’t mean that us ladies can’t save them and pull them off! With the right outfit and a dash of confidence, this will look amazing while you’re out on those summer adventures.

5. Baseball Cap

Finally, number five, before there was sliced bread there was the baseball cap. The only reason that the baseball cap ranks low on our list of favourite sun hats is that they aren’t as glamorous as the other sun hats. The baseball cap was there for us when no one else was when we needed to just run out to do some errands without burning our scalp when we were having a casual day, or even when our hair just looked bad. The baseball cap will always have our back and for that, we are grateful for its service.

What did you think of our favourite sun hats ranked? Are there any you would add or take away? Let us know in the comments!

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