Here Are Eight Of The Sexiest Moments My Gal Pals Have Ever Experienced – Take Notes

These 'sexiest moments' are all very different, yet very spicy in their own ways. Gentlemen, ladies - read, learn, take notes.

‘Sexy’ doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. A moment that is extremely hot for you might do absolutely nothing for me, but it’s fun to see the similarities and differences in people’s tastes. Here are a range of the sexiest moments my gal pals have ever experienced. From the sweet and sexy, to the scandalous and saucy, hearing all of these stories absolutely made my week. Enjoy!

I wouldn’t say there’s anything super scandalous… but there are a few things that come to mind:

Something that really just struck me. I was spending hours just dancing and talking to this tall good looking guy, and the sexual tension had really built up over time you know. At one point he had me pressed up against the wall and he lightly nipped the skin of my cheek with his teeth, then told me he wanted to fuck me then and there. I swooned. It was such an odd and new experience, no one had ever lightly bitten my cheek before! But it was new and exciting and I was very into it.

Another time, I was studying next to this guy, sitting side by side. During one of the study breaks we were chatting, our knees sort of grazing each other. And he puts his hand on my knee then started to make small circles with his thumb on my leg, slowly traveling further and further up my thigh. He was talking to me the whole time, totally normal as if there was nothing else happening. To me, it was so sexy.

Here Are Eight Of The Sexiest Moments My Gal Pals Have Ever Experienced – Take Notes

There have just been some perfect moments:

I met this guy who had the most gorgeous eyes and hair and he was just ugh, so sexy. We met in my first year of uni at this big dance, and he came and sat next to me, then just turned and held me with his eyes for the longest time. Omg, it just did something.

A few years ago I met this guy on holiday and we just had a really strong connection, but I was leaving the area the next day. He decided to travel to where I was staying, planning a whole day out for us on his journey to me, and we spent one whole amazing day out together sightseeing. It was incredibly spontaneous and romantic.

Here Are Eight Of The Sexiest Moments My Gal Pals Have Ever Experienced – Take Notes

Can they be sweet and sexy?:

I remember being really sick, and my boyfriend at the time went out to our favorite brunch spot and asked them to make me the meal that I love there. They don’t do takeaways, but we lived around the corner and he persuaded them to plate it all up for me and brought it back to our place, then returned plate later that day. It was both the sweetest and sexiest gesture ever.

Got to love a generous lover.

The last few guys I’ve been with have all loved going down on me. Since it’s something I love, it’s really nice to hear that my partner enjoys it too. One of the sexiest moments of my life was when my partner at the time had just brought me to orgasm by going down on me, he comes up to my face, kisses me and whispers how much he enjoyed it, then asks to do it again. If we had been right for each other, I think I might have married that champion.

Natural, organic, kind.

I have two sexiest moments, the first is probably the orgy I took part in (in a sauna). It was just so hot, literally and metaphorically. So empowering having five women take charge of their sexuality and have a good time without giving a fuck. And damn, having two women go down on you at once is the sexiest time.

Here Are Eight Of The Sexiest Moments My Gal Pals Have Ever Experienced – Take Notes

This other time I was snuck into a party (we had to trick the guard on the door, it was a whole charade), and I met this guy going down these big spiral steps – it was a kind of Cinderella-like moment. He spotted me and I spotted him and we both just knew it was going to happen. We hardly spoke and I grabbed his had and we found a back door out of the place. We had sex in the middle of the labyrinth in the gardens! The sneakiness of being at a formal event and running off together, and just being two people who unashamedly wanted to fuck each other, was unbelievably sexy.

What are some of the sexiest moments you’ve ever experienced? Let us know in the comments below!

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