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We Are Loving These Henna Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

We Are Loving These Henna Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo but don't know if you're ready to commit? Check out these henna sleeve tattoo ideas you may just fall in love!

If you are anything close to tattoo obsessed or are simply looking for piece of art to break your ink virginity, then these ideas may be great for you. Deciding on a tattoo is definitely an important decision as it is permanent, these artistic henna designs are perfect detailed pieces of art which can be built to reflect your personality and taste. I am going to show you the most loved henna sleeve tattoo ideas which will help you to make the right choice and if your still unsure of making that commitment, then these ideas are still perfect for your next temporary henna design.

1. Chain Henna Design

Are you interested in a whole sleeve with specific attention to detail and dainty designs? Well then this design is might just be for you. This design slightly resembles a body chain and definitely shows influence from the art of mehndi, the traditional form of henna, which illustrates cultural expression and of course would look super cute during the summer.

Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

2. Mandala Henna Design

The mandala design represents wholeness, balance and eternity and the use of the flower and floral detail illustrates femininity and fertility to this henna design. Mandala symbols are perfect to add to your sleeve because first of all, there are so many to choose, from animals to Aztec design, and secondly they all have individual meanings which may personally relate to you. This henna idea definitely has more meaning and symbolism, but is also a great statement piece that you definitely won’t regret.

Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

3. Floral Henna Design

Floral sleeves are very popular if you’re looking for a sense of elegance or a woman’s touch, this henna design gives you the opportunity to experiment with using your own favourite flowers to represent your own identity. This idea is slightly untraditional, in comparison to common henna designs, but tattoos are all about expressing your personality and using art to create your own meaning, so there are really no rules to what artistic route you want to take.

Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

4. Half Sleeve

Naturally your first tattoo can be absolutely nerve-racking, so if your looking to start off your tattoo journey with something simple and small with fine detail then this idea may just be perfect for you, and what makes it even better is that even if you did want to progress into a full sleeve you could build on-top of this idea. Perfect to break your ink virginity! This is one of the most popular henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

5. Symmetrical Henna Design

The fun thing about henna designs is that you can take a small piece of detail and make minor changes to create a much bigger piece of art. This idea shows exactly this, symmetry and shape has been carefully used to create a much bigger work of art and certainly adds to the unique beauty of this piece. Less is certainly more when it comes to henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

6.  Embedded Gem Henna Design

A few gems and jewels can add just the amount of glitz and glamour needed for a henna sleeve. Following the idea of jewellery and attention to fine detail this piece binds together pretty nicely and has a great focus on precise lines and changes in texture. This is certainly a work of art.

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Check out these super trendy henna sleeve tattoo ideas!

7. @oliviafaynetattoo

Olivia-Fayne is an extremely talented tattoo design artist in London who specialises in creating the most beautiful henna mandala designs which you will completely fall in love with. Her website includes a multitude of tattoo designs to choose from that can be placed on virtually any area of the body. What makes her even better is that if the designs on her website are not up to your taste, then she of course does custom designs where she can literally create any mind blowing idea into reality, I don’t think there is actually anything she can’t do… I know that I am absolutely sold… so tattoo shop anyone?

Could you see yourself getting one of these henna sleeve tattoo ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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