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Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

When you’re in the holiday mode and you’re getting ready to pack, it can be an exciting time and you might end up getting your suitcase out and just shoving everything in without really paying much attention to how you’re packing it.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your suitcase if overflowing and you’ve had to sit on it to try and close it, you really need to stop and change how you’re packing. With our list of helpful hacks below, you’ll be able to pack more for your holiday!

1. Roll your clothes

Forget folding your clothes, roll your clothes instead! By rolling your clothes, you’ll be able to have more room to pack more things and it will help reduce the amount of creases you have in your clothes – this will definitely mean you won’t have to whack out the iron when you get to your hotel too (which you might have to pay extra for)!

Sushi roll your clothes together and combine more than one shirt or trousers together. This can help you out when you’re co-coordinating your outfits so you won’t have to dig through all your clothes to find what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to have all your outfits pieced together already and save you time when getting ready in the mornings.

If you have some space leftover, you’ll be able to bring back more souvenirs from your holiday!

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

2. Put items into your shoes

It’s not just about making more room in your suitcase so you can pack more for your holiday, it’s also about packing smart too. 

Stuff things into your shoes whether it’s your socks or underwear or little things that might get lost in your suitcase. It’s a great little hack to save more space in your suitcase which will help you pack more for your holiday! 

If they are a bit more delicate such as jewellery, put them in a sandwich bag before putting them inside your shoes. This nifty hack will also help you reduce the risk of you damaging your jewellery and the surprise of you opening up your suitcase to see that your jewellery is broken or snapped.

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

3. Wrap things into your clothes

In addition to just rolling your clothes (number 1 in this article, scroll up!), wrap things inside your clothes too!

If you’re one of those people that just use bag after bag to put things in so it doesn’t swim around in your suitcase as it gets thrown about at the airport or lugged around, take it a step further and get rid of those bags. Save on the plastic bags which you can reuse for your shopping instead and wrap up chargers or glasses cases inside your clothes to help prevent them being damaged.

This tip will help you so much when it comes to saving room in your suitcase – you’ll have less bulky items and especially for chargers and things that are an awkward shape, you won’t need to have big boxes that will take up more room.

4. Put your socks and underwear inside your bras

This is a similar tip to putting things inside your shoes but if you do run out of room, put your underwear or socks inside your bras. 

This will help your bras retain their shape and also help you save more room in your suitcase; this is a perfect solution and means you’re killing two birds with one stone!

You’ll be able to have all your underwear in one place rather than having a separate, bulky bag somewhere else in your suitcase that will probably take up way too much room. 

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

5. Use travel bottles

Toiletries are usually provided in your hotel room or wherever you’re staying but if you have a particular shampoo or conditioner that you just can’t go without on holiday, use travel bottles to save you from having to carry a a heavy shampoo bottle. 

Using travel bottles will mean you’re not weighing down your suitcase and risk going over your luggage allowance. Not only do you reduce the risk of going over your luggage allowance but it’ll mean you don’t have to waste money buying the travel toiletries every time you go on holiday.

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To prevent spillages, another little hack is to put cling film over the opening and then putting the lid on top. What’s even better is that you can continue to reuse the bottles over and over again!

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

6. Plan your outfits

Only pack what you really need for your holiday. It might be a good idea to over pack just in case but start off by planning your outfits and co-ordinating your tops and bottoms for what you’re going to wear day by day.

By doing this first, you’ll be able to see what room you have left to fit in some extra clothes just in case and will prevent you from going over the limit for your luggage! By planning your outfits, you’ll also be able to prevent yourself from packing things that are unnecessary or what you don’t actually need.

Planning your outfits can really help you out when you’re on holiday – you won’t have to spend time figuring out what clothes go together and putting an outfit together. 

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

7. Cut down on the electronics you need to take with you

You might need to bring a lot of electronics with you – your mobile phone, iPad, laptop, battery charger and the list goes on!

For all your electronics, you’ll need to bring with you the chargers which can be a lot if you are taking a lot of electronics with you on holiday. To save all your chargers getting tangled and having so many to bring with you, check if any of your chargers have the same charging heads which you can use to charge several of your electronics. 

Helpful Hacks To Help You Pack More For Your Holiday

Which of these hacks did you find useful? If you have any helpful hacks of your own, let us know in the comments below!

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