Our Review Of The Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service

If you hate going the grocery store but also can't imagine eating out another night, check out this review of the Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service!

The desire to eat delicious, home cooked food is increasingly at odds with our busy lives. People constantly battle with wanting quick yummy meals after a busy day. I love to cook but the reality is that I often forget to re-stock the fridge with groceries, which makes actually cooking anything quite a challenge. It is also a challenge to find healthy food recipes that are quick and easy to make, not to mention trying to find a recipe for one. So while I was at uni I discovered Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service, which provided me with 5 meals a week. Each meal was made for 2 but I kept a portion aside for my lunch the next day. Not only were the meals healthy and tasty but they were extremely quick and easy to make.

My favourite thing was that the food was organic and super clean, they even tell you the calories, so I knew exactly what was in each mouthful.

So, what are the pros?


1. You can cancel your subscription anytime

This is one of my favourite things about Hello Fresh. If you want to cancel your subscription you can, as long as it is 4 days before the next box is supposed to be delivered.

2. You can swap and change recipes depending on what you fancy

If there is a meal you don’t fancy you can simply change it for another one

3. The delivery time is around your schedule

This a super great pro of the hello fresh food delivery service!


4. They offer both family meals and meals for two

With HelloFresh you can choose from their ‘Classic Box’, ‘Veggie Box’ or a ‘Family Box’. Customers who choose the Classic or Family boxes can choose their favourite recipes every week via the HelloFresh website or app.

5. They offer vegetarian options

If you are a veggie then there is something for you 

6. They don’t take payment until your box arrives and you’re satisfied

7. You can get 3 or 5 meals a week:

If you don’t want to commit to 5 meals a week, or you are on a budget then try out 3 meals a week


8. They are quick to make:

Each meal is around 20-40 minutes to make

9. The instructions are easy to follow

10. You get discount vouchers for yourself and friends

I got into Hello Fresh as a friend gave me a free box voucher. This means they offer a free box for you to try and taste the recipes. I became addicted and subscribed for more! I then went on to give my friends a free box voucher so they can love Hello Fresh too!

11. You can keep the recipes to use again

A great thing about Hello Fresh is that once you feel like you have had enough recipes you can cancel your subscription and make the recipes on your own accord. The instructions sheets tell you the exact ingredients so all you need to do is order them from the super market and voila. This is a really good perk of the hello fresh food delivery service!

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Here are some examples of Hello Fresh recipes:

  • Butterflied chicken with feta, leek and minted potatoes
  • Sizzling steak stir-fry with purple sprouting broccoli and noodles
  • Firecracker prawns with Chinese leaf and basmati
  • Asian chicken skewers
  • Trisha’s apple and pork tortillas

Like everything though, there are a few cons:


1. The website is difficult to understand

2. The delivery can by wrong or late:

I once had a box that just didn’t arrive

3. The food can be very close to the sell by date:

Unfortunately I have had food arrive that goes out of date the next day. I even once had mouldy veg!

4. Can be pricey

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service which, like any company has its faults but on a whole is a great investment.


Want to make your meals quickly and from scratch? Try Hello Fresh. The meals are tasty, fun to make, and good for the whole family.

Have you ever tried the Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service? Let us know in the comments below!

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