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12 Healthy Taco Recipes That Taste So Good You’d Think They’re UNhealthy

12 Healthy Taco Recipes That Taste So Good You’d Think They’re UNhealthy

If you are trying to eat healthy but are running out of options you enjoy eating, check out these healthy taco recipes that taste like the real deal!

Tacos are delicious and we all surely agree on that. It is one of the most popular meals from Mexican cuisine, but everyone seems to be loving tacos all over the world. Why? Because they are soft and crunchy at the same time, they’re quick to make and eat, they are super tasty with many different filling, and they are packed with load of flavours. For this summer, you can still enjoy some delicious taco recipes whiles you keep the calorie count low. Whether you like tacos filled with beef, chicken or vegetarian, these 12 options of healthy taco recipes will surely satisfy you. You can try any of these out if you are throwing a house party of for summer barbeques.

1. Tacos with chicken breast

First things first. You will have to marinate the chicken breasts with vinegar and some spices in order to add flavour to your meat. Then, once you’ve decided your taco size, add your favourite sauce (mayo, barbecue, sweet chilli) lettuce, and avocado slices.

2. Beef Taco

You will be impressed about how beef and tacos match wonderfully. The main ingredients for this recipe will be: your meat, Onion, garlic, tomato sauce and lettuce. Because this is a list of healthy taco recipes, we are going for fat free tortillas, which you will fill in with all your ingredients.  In addition from being an absolute delish, It is easy and quick to prepare.


3. Spicy chicken taco with sweet corn

Nothing screams more Mexican than a little bit-maybe not that little- of spice. To keep the recipe healthy, you can use chicken breast, which is the least fat meat you could get. And then, once you are satisfied with the seasoning and flavours of your spicy chicken, dig in with the fillings. I can smell the delisciuosness from here.

4. Tacos and beans

Beans are rich in fibre and protein and they are a regular ingredient in Mexican dishes. Beans need time to cook so allow time ahead before starting your preps. Once your beans are soft and tender, you can go ahead with your filling. Choose your favourite veggies, carrot and lettuce are great for this recipe. Then your meal should be ready in less than 20 minutes.

5. Tacos with vegetarian guacamole

The main ingredients for vegetarian guacamole tacos are: avocados, red and yellow bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, lime or lemon juice and of course, tortillas. This recipe keeps the calorie count low because of the avocados as a replacement of cheese. This is one of the most delicious healthy taco recipes!


6. Fish taco with lettuce and spicy cream

Fish tacos might sound a bit strange, but it is actually a thing and also delicious. The main part of this recipe is the fish, so make sure you marinate it properly, whichever you go for. Don’t forget to pre-wash your lettuce and to prepare a side spicy cream, which you can easily make with red wine vinegar, sugar, chili powder, red onion and garlic.

7. Pork and black bean taco

Pork is fat, that’s true, but it is also an excellent source of vitamin B12 that gives your body strength and energy. You can make this recipe “healthier” by choosing corn tortillas and just sliced tomatoes as filling.

8. Lime and shrimp taco

This recipe follows the same principle used for the fish taco. Marinate your shrimps very well and prepare a side sauce with lime, salt and pepper. When you are ready, pour the lime sauce on the shrimps and cook them as you prefer. Violà, as easy as that.

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9. Four cheese taco

Just pick four types of cheese that you absolutely love, double the portions for each cheese and fill in a hot and soft tortilla. Off you go

10. Turkey fillets taco

Turkey fillet tacos are a similar option to chicken breast tortilla, perhaps slightly lower in calorie, but still an amazing meal to enjoy on your own or with friends. And, it’s healthy!


11. Chorizo taco

For this recipe, you can either use real chorizo or make a “faux” version with the help of chili powder to make tofu look like real chorizo. Other important ingredients to make this meal delicious are onions, pepper and your favourite sauce or cream.

12. Shrimp Taco with mango

Prepare a mango-lime salsa in less than 10 minutes, by adding mango, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cayenne pepper, extra-virgin olive oil and once this is done, you will want it everywhere and not just as your taco filling. The fruity mixture pairs perfectly with the shrimps, which are also rich of iron and vitamin B12.

Did these easy healthy taco recipes make you hungry? Tell us which one you like in a comment below!

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