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10 Healthy Snack Ideas For When You Need To Munch

10 Healthy Snack Ideas For When You Need To Munch

Looking for some healthy snack ideas for work, uni, or maybe just to munch on? These are the best quick and easy healthy snack recipes for any occasion!

I love a good snack! There are days when I’m hungry all the time so I always have snacks with me! But because on those days I snack throughout the day, I make sure to eat healthy ones. These healthy snack ideas for when you need to munch can be eaten at uni, work, on the go, anywhere really, and they don’t require too much time to prepare!


Almonds are rich in good fats, so they are essential to your diet. Also, my grandma used to say that they are good for the heart so eat up! They fill you up pretty quickly, that’s why you only need to eat a handful.


Boiled eggs can be easy to pack and eat on the go. They are a healthy option because the egg whites are high in protein. I always eat the yolk as well. You can eat the eggs scrambled as well.



I prefer Greek yogurt as it is less runny but thick and richer in protein than other yogurt. I usually eat it with honey when I’m at home or if I pack the yogurt. Otherwise, I’ll opt for berries or walnuts as it is easier to carry separately. Also, make sure that you eat this first as warm yogurt doesn’t taste as nice, and it might be dangerous if you’ve left it in your bag all day.


Yes, fruit!! It might sound boring but I promise it’s not! How many times have you heard of apples and peanut butter but never tried it? Well, you have to now because it’s so good! You can have apples with cinnamon as well or a fruit salad!

Chocolate with nuts.

Dark chocolate with nuts is so good! Chocolate in general actually! For a healthy option you can opt for dark chocolate and not for milk chocolate, which has sugar.


Baked sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes chips are easy to make! You just have to cut the potato in strips, put some olive oil, salt and rosemary as spices and bake! They might not be crispy but they are delicious and healthy!

Bruschetta or a slice of bread.

I sometimes like to have some toast when I’m home. I like it either with a bit of olive oil based butter and salt, or I drizzle some olive oil, salt and oregano at the top. Sometimes I add tomatoes as well!

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Dried fruit.

I really like dried fruits! They taste like dessert! I eat any kind of fruit dried. Some of my favourites are dried nectarines, mangoes and cherries. These are definitely one of the best healthy snack ideas!


Homemade popcorn tastes so much better than the one from the supermarket! You control the amount of butter and salt to your preferences too. It’s also warm!!


I like chocolate milk but a glass of milk is a quick ‘snack’ for me. When it’s later in the evening, I don’t like eating so I go for some milk to stop feeling hungrier.


What healthy snack ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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