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10 Healthy Recipes For Those Who Hate Eating Healthy

10 Healthy Recipes For Those Who Hate Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is hard, but there are heaps of delicious yet healthy recipes out there. Here's ten healthy recipes for people who don't like eating healthy.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean your food has to be bland and boring! In fact there are heaps of healthy recipes out there that don’t skimp on flavour. So check out our ten healthy recipes that are easy and delicious, perfect for those of us aspiring to be more healthy.

1. Sesame salmon

Salmon is so good for you as it’s high in omega-3 and it’s a great source of protein. Plus it’s very versatile, you can fry it with just salt and pepper, do a teriyaki salmon, add it to a pasta bake, eat it with fish tacos – the possibilities are endless! Check out this sesame salmon from BBC Good Food, served with sweet potato and broccoli for a delicious, healthy meal.

2. Banana pancakes

Healthy eating doesn’t mean saying goodbye to pancakes! I mean who doesn’t love a nice hot batch of pancakes on a Sunday morning? This recipe from Lauren Caris Cooks uses no sugar, instead, banana is used to naturally sweeten the batter. Give it a go the next time you have a pancake craving!


3. Burrito bowls

If you like burritos, then trust me, you’re going to love burrito bowls. They’re served with brown rice, instead of wraps, and packed with vegetables for a very healthy lunch or dinner option. Check out this healthy recipe from Ambitious Kitchen which uses chicken, avocado, black beans and a corn salsa. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try making your own seasoning for the meat with paprika, cumin and chilli powder, it’s so much better for you than the packet stuff.

4. Sorbet

Finding healthy recipes is made so much harder when you are a massive sweet tooth. So if you need to satisfy those sugar cravings, try making your own sorbet! It’s just three ingredients, frozen fruit, a bit of honey and a dash of water (and sometimes a few drops of lemon or lime juice to taste). Check out these sorbet recipes from Sweet Pea Chef, they make a great summer treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty!

5. Lettuce wraps

I know this one sounds pretty boring, but lettuce wraps can be a super yummy, yet light lunch and a great way of sneaking in some extra greens. Try this Vietnamese inspired pork lettuce wraps from Taste of Home. Served with carrot, cucumber and capsicum, this is a low carb, veggie packed meal that is still full of flavour.


6. Raw caramel slice

Sometimes you just need a little sweet treat every now and then, something to just keep you going. And there are actually plenty of healthy sweet snack recipes you can make! Check out this caramel slice from The Healthy Hour, where the usual sugary caramel filling is made out of dates and nut butter. Sure it doesn’t have the same effect as a decadent caramel slice but it’s great for when you need a sweet snack.

7. Chickpea wraps

Wraps are such a great lunch meal, especially if you need something on the go. To make it a bit healthier, try out this roasted chickpea wrap from BBC Good Food. Packed with lettuce, capsicum, avocado and delicious spiced chickpeas, this healthy recipe will have you feeling fuller for longer!

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8. Smoothies

For busy mornings, smoothies make for a delicious and super healthy breakfast. Smoothies are so good because you can pack as much nutrition as possible by adding ingredients like spinach, avocado, chia seeds or oats, which surprisingly don’t alter the taste that much. Check out this berry kiwi smoothies from The Pretty Bee, full of antioxidants and vitamins.

9. Soup

Soup is such a delicious, warming meal perfect for the colder weather. And it’s packed with veggies so it’s a good way to get in your five a day. Check out this vegetable soup from BBC Good Food. It’s packed with carrots, celery, zucchini, cauliflower and lentils, so it’s super healthy yet full of flavour.

10 No bake brownies

Brownies are the ultimate sweet treat – gooey, chocolatey and totally decadent, what’s not to love? But eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious brownies! You’ll just have to change around some of the ingredients. Check out this healthy recipe from Hot Chocolate Hits which uses dates to naturally sweeten the mixture.


What is your go-to healthy recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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