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10 Healthy Foods To Substitute For Unhealthy Foods

10 Healthy Foods To Substitute For Unhealthy Foods

Here are some healthy foods to substitute for unhealthy foods to make oyu feel refreshed. A happier and healthier you is on the horizon!

Trying to be healthy is one of the hardest things to do especially when all you want is to binge eat all the good… bad stuff. This is a little hack of some healthy foods to substitute for unhealthy foods for something a little more beneficial.¬†

1. Dates > Chocolate

Who doesn’t crave chocolate? Sometimes it’s okay to have a piece or two but dates are a great substitute for chocolate because they’re very sweet and will get rid of your cravings.

2. Greek style yogurt > Ice cream

You have to trust me on this one, greek style yogurt with fresh strawberries are the best snack ever and is one of the best healthy foods to substitute for unhealthy foods for ice cream I have found so far. You can find flavored greek style yogurt or some with honey which tastes so good too but has more fat so look closely at the labels.


3. Black coffee > Fancy coffee

I love a great caramel latte and I have to admit I still buy one a few times but black coffee is a lot better as it has next to no calories and will give you a great boost of energy for the whole day.

4. Raisin packs > Crisps

When you’re on the way to College or Uni and you don’t have time to make a snack, instead of taking a packet of crisps you should take packs of raisins. I especially like the Whitworths’s shots which come in different combinations like berry and white chocolate or toffee and pecan, all under 100 calories per pack.

5. Water > Juice

One of the most important healthy foods to substitute for unhealthy foods is water! I can’t stress this one enough whether you’re trying to be healthy or not, water is better than juice or fizzy drinks because these usually have a lot of sugar, substituting this will help you be a lot more healthier. Water can substitute anything, sometimes you might think you’re hungry but you might just need water. And if you’re not a fan of water you can always infuse it with berries or lemon to make it taste better.


6. Grilled chicken > Fried chicken

Instead of going to get fried chicken you should get grilled chicken or better yet make some of your own at home. This will help you cut down on empty calories and if you’re making it at home at least you’ll know what’s actually going into your chicken. A basic rule to follow is grilled anything is better than fried anything.

7. Pop corn > Crisps

Homemade pop corn is a healthier substitute for crisps because they’re in calories and fat, and if you’re craving something a little bit more salty then add a little salt. This is perfect for when you want to laze around and watch Netflix.

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8. Banana > Cereal bar

A banana is around 100 calories and is a great alternative to a cereal bar because it has more energy and has less sugar. Grabbing a banana in the morning will help you be a lot more healthier so it’s a great substitute.

9. Oats > Other cereals

Oats are great because they’re rich in antioxidants, high in fiber and lower cholesterol this is a perfect food for when you’re trying to be healthy. It also releases energy slowly so this is great to have in the morning so that it keeps you going for the entire day.

10. Wraps > Burgers

When you’re going out for a meal you might want to get a wrap instead of a burger and better yet if it’s filled with grilled meat instead of fried. This is a much healthier option and trying to substitute foods is a great way to start.


What are some of your favorite healthy foods to substitute for unhealthy foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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