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5 Healthy Dinner Ideas Perfect For Summer

5 Healthy Dinner Ideas Perfect For Summer

Coming up with healthy dinner ideas that are satisfying, fulfilling and tasty can be hard. So here are 5 summer recipes you need to try!

Coming up with new, exciting and healthy dinner ideas which are perfect for summer can be difficult. You don’t want something boring, bland or dissatisfying; which is why we’ve come up with 5 healthy dinner ideas that are super delicious and fulfilling and absolutely perfect for those warm summer evenings.

1. Fajitas

Fajitas are one of the all-time best recipes, especially for the summer. Not only is it incredibly delicious and satisfying (duh, isn’t all Mexican food?!), but it’s also a really sociable dinner option. You can lay an incredible spread of guacamole, sour cream, salsa, seasoned chicken, chargrilled peppers and onions and some slightly sweet fajita wraps. Why not even throw in some tortilla crisps to start! Having friends round chilling in the back garden with a bottle of beer, picking at and enjoying your amazing summer spread is absolutely idyllic, and not to mention healthy! So get cooking!

2. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed sweet potatoes are a super easy and relatively quick meal to throw together on a summer evening and is also a perfect option for nights spent with friends or family. Simply put some washed sweet potatoes in the oven until they’re soft. In the meantime, put some slices of chicken breast, peppers and onions in a frying pan until they’re all cooked through. When the sweet potatoes are done, scoop the sweet potato out and stir it into the pan with the chicken, peppers and onions. Finally, add a few dollops of the mixture to each sweet potato skin. Add a side salad if you want a little something extra. Not only is this a super nutritious meal but its also incredibly tasty and perfect for any summer meal.


3. BBQ

This doesn’t have to be on an actual barbecue if you don’t have one or simply can’t be bothered, an oven and a griddle pan will work just the same! BBQs are an amazing dinner option in the summer as you can cook and enjoy the meal outside whilst enjoying the last of the day’s sun. Chicken wings, chicken sausages or chicken kebabs are great leaner meat alternatives to beef or pork and go with anything and everything. Throw together some spinach leaves, tomatoes, avocado, grilled halloumi, corn on the cob and meat (or not!) of your choice and voila, a meal fit for couples, friends and families to enjoy!

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4. Halloumi And Lentil Salad

Now I know some of you may run in the opposite direction when you hear salad, but trust me, this one is special! Its warm, filling and unbelievably tasty and its one of the best healthy dinner ideas ideal for any summer evening. The tasty green lentils, chargrilled halloumi and firm, juicy tomatoes are all incredibly nutritious foods that will benefit your mind, body and soul. Its super quick and versatile and you can swap and add a lot of the ingredients to tailor to your personal taste and preferences. This is also perfect for batch cooking and separating into containers for luscious lunches and delicious dinners for the rest of the week!


5. Lemon And Yogurt Chicken Flatbread

Tender chargrilled chicken, zingy lemon, fresh yogurt and toasty flatbread is an ideal combination for any summer meal. Have on its own for a light, but delicious lunch or add sweet potato fries or a side salad for dinner. Either way, this refreshing yet undeniably tasty dish is a summer winner and is one of the best healthy dinner ideas that you need to try this summer! If you want to be satisfied, full and healthy then try some of these incredible dishes! Not only are they perfect on taste, but they’re also super quick and easy, meaning you can make the most of your summer days and spend less time in the kitchen!

If you try any of our healthy summer recipes, let us know in the comments!

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