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Healthy Desserts That Are Completely Guilt-Free

Healthy Desserts That Are Completely Guilt-Free

Desserts are must haves when you have that sugar craving. With these healthy desserts that are completely guilt-free so you can splurge on them all day

We all love having something sweet for dessert, and after a long day it is the most therapeutic meal of the day. Did you know that eating something sweet can help lighten up your mood? Especially chocolate! But! We simply can’t afford to splurge on ice creams, cakes and chocolates everyday, they are high in calories and fat content that most of us a trying to avoid and maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle. Not only clean eating provides more nutrients to our bodies but gives you more energy during the day. So the issue of not being able to give up on our sweet tooth but also want to maintain a clean diet? Well, these healthy dessert recipes are definitely going to be your saviour, they are made from whole foods and are completely guilt-free, making desserts a daily thing all the more easier!

Banana ice cream

Ice cream is such a dessert classic that we can hardly find anyone that hates ice cream, right? Well, this banana ice cream is a great alternative to dairy based ice cream. This blended frozen banana ice cream can be made into all types of flavours depending on your liking and the best thing about this is the smooth and creamy texture as well as the low calories and fat content!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

This recipe definitely fooled us when we tried it! Not only does it look exactly like an actual cheesecake and it definitely tasted like one. This dairy-free, gluten-free dessert is definitely healthy enough for you to pick up through out the day as a quick snack, and it’s sweet enough to be satisfying as a dessert! This is definitely a nutrition packed dessert idea.


S’mores lava cake

S’mores and chocolate are such a decadent combination and this easy vegan recipe only need 5 minutes to make. This sweet perfection is a healthier way to enjoy this all time classic. This recipe is gluten free, flourless and dairy free, so you are sure to enjoy this dessert heaven completely guilt-free.

Peanut Butter Cups

This peanut butter cup beats Reeses’s any day and it only requires 2 ingredients to whip up! All you need is chocolate chips and peanut butter, this way you are able to find healthier versions and make sure there are no additional sugar added for a more healthy take on peanut butter cups!

No-Bake Chocolate Crunch Brownies

This brownie recipe is seemingly decadent, but it is actually full of healthy ingredients that completely guilt free if you wanted to splurge! These no-bake brownies are vegan-friendly and simple to whip up at home, it probably takes less time to make than eating them! Yes, these brownies are a great dessert option but the superfood contents are a great source of energy to fuel your body. 

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Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is one of the classic dessert menu and you can pair it up with berries and fruits but store bought mousse are so high in sugar and fat content, so we found a way to make mousse into a light and healthy dessert option. This chocolate mousse is made from avocado, banana, coconut milk and cacao with maple syrup for that hint of sweetness. The end product will have you fooled into thinking that these are real milk-based mousses.

Coconut and chocolate bars

Made from layers of shredded sweet coconut and chocolate with a layer of no bake fudge brownies as a base will win over any dessert recipe. This decadent guilt-free coconut and chocolate bar is full of nutritious ingredients that will fuel your body and making you more energised while satisfying those sweet cravings!


Chocolate drizzled fruit kebobs

A super tasty and simple snack idea that can be served as a party dessert idea. Drizzling dairy-free chocolate over these fruit kabobs will be a summer dessert favourite, you can either freeze the fruits and enjoy as a fruity ice-pole alternative or simple as a fresh fruit skewer. This dessert recipe is a great hack for those who have kids and want them to eat more fruit!

You no longer have to worry about the sugar contents in your desserts or whether it is unhealthy and you need to hold back on those cravings. With these guilt-free desserts life has never been sweeter! Which ones are you favourite recipes?

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