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10 Healthy Dessert Recipes That Are Perfect For Any Diet

10 Healthy Dessert Recipes That Are Perfect For Any Diet


Being healthy nowadays doesn’t always have to be boring and having dessert doesn’t mean you have to break you diet. With various combinations, there are ways to get creative with desserts to have that little guilty indulgence in life. So here are 10 awesome healthy dessert recipes to try out next time you feel a little sweet craving heading your way.

1. Apple and Peanut Butter Spread

A simple mix of assorted apples cut up sideways to create perfect circles and layer between some creamy peanut butter spread and if need be add extra chocolate sprinkles for a sweeter touch.

2. Sugar Free Jelly and Angel Delight Pots

This delicious delight takes time to prepare but when made is a low calories, sugar snack and a win win for anyone. All you need is sugar free jelly; produce and layer one half of a dish to set in. Once set whip up some Angel Delight flavours and add to the rest of the dish. Once set this 50/50 combo delight.


3. Chocolate Blueberry Clusters

For those sweet tooth chocolate enthusiasts, this recipe is easy and only requires time. All you need are frozen blueberries drizzled with melted chocolate combined with coconut oil and allow to set. Heaven in a small bite.

4. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

All you require to create this yummy dessert is frozen sliced bananas, peanut butter, coconut oil and cinnamon. Combined in a blender, the outcome is a think luscious delight and an easy, healthier alternative to ice cream. Time to dust off that unused blender.

5. Churro Almonds


Struggling to get some fibre into your diet, then why not add some of the nut groups. This recipe combines sugar, cinnamon, salt and water in a saucepan with water over a heated oven. Once the ingredients have been dissolved then add the almonds, coating. Once placed and left to cool all that left is to drizzle some chocolate, particularly white and away you go.

6.  Pineapple Cheesecake Bars

Love the taste of fruit and want to be able to combine it with you sweet treat indulgence. A cheesecake lover but looking for a healthier alternative? This pineapple cheesecake uses low fat ingredients and at only 130 calories a slice is such a sweet treat to enjoy!

7. Berries in Red Wine

The word wine itself is not something that would come t mind when searching for healthy desserts, however fear no more. This elegant dish requires some of your favouring ingredients. By adding sugar, cinnamon and wine to boil, you can pour this devilish delight over your strawberries and raspberries. A dessert to enjoy and become a little tipsy.

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8. Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies

All the gooey goodness but at almost half the calories and room for that extra gratification when needed. The trick to this recipe is in the substations of ingredients for more healthy alternatives without removing any flavour. By swapping sugar with calories free sweeter and usage dark chocolate instead of milk, you can already see the alternative recipe forming.

9. Vanilla Lemon Berry Parfaits

An alternative to full fat ice cream, and suitable for breakfast fanatics. This recipe is one healthy way of making sure you gain your five of 5 a day, with a combinations of fruity berries and smooth yogurt. For an extra tanginess this recipe also has the added hint of lemon for a core flavourful taste.


10. Cantaloupe Sherbert

With favourites like Häagen-Dazs ice cream is more a luxury than an able satisfaction that cannot occur daily. Bit now have no more worries,  with this sherbet alternative you’ll be throwing out your old Ben and Jerry tubs and replacing with this beauty. With only a. few basic ingredients and substitutions, cantaloupe will never been looked at in the same way.

Next time you have that dessert craving and don’t want to suffer from a guilt over ride then why not give these yummy delights try. Not only are they easy to make but they also, with a little effort replace and make better healthier alternative to your usual recipes.

Comment any other healthy dessert recipes you can think of below!
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