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The Healthy Candy Recipes You Need To Bake Right Away

The Healthy Candy Recipes You Need To Bake Right Away

iscover our best healthy candy recipes!

What sounds better than sweet and healthy candy recipes? Here are some wonderful recipes to nudge you into a dormant or newfound love of baking. I recently researched a collection of healthy sweet baking ideas and fell upon ‘Chocolate Covered Katie’s Healthy Dessert Blog.’ She definitely has some treats up her sleeve!

Healthy homemade chocolate candies

You can make these in an ice tray! A perfect little recipe to bake on a Summer’s day. This 5 minute recipe uses rich anti-oxidant pomegranate and heart healthy dark chocolate. No need to get all those refined ingredients you find in stores. The recipe remains simple and healthy!


Coconut fudge oil

These are healthy and vegan, with only three ingredients. They are both easy and healthy to make! This recipe includes coconut butter, coconut oil, salt. Then stir in whichever flavour you like best, either banana, peanut butter pistachio or chocolate.

Homemade reeses peanut butter eggs

 These eggs can be easily made into vegan, gluten free, keto friendly, dairy free, soy free, but free, and corn syrup free. You can also have the option to make them paleo.

Pumpkin fudge balls

Simply mix all of the ingredients into a delicious dough, and then leave them to set into healthy pumpkin balls. Choose if you would like to coat them in chocolate afterwards!


Healthy mound bars

Can’t find anything to do? Make some mound bars. A lovely coconut filling encased in sweet chocolate coat, healthy fiber and fats.

Vegan peanut butter chips

Fancy a treat to melt in your mouth and tick the healthy checkbox? They take under a minute to make and are a much healthier option than buying from the store. No oils, refined sugar or artificial flavours!


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Healthy york peppermint patties

Looking for a recipe including protein, fiber and minimal calories? Look no further.

We hope you enjoy these healthy candy recipes!


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