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10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Any Student Can Make

10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Any Student Can Make

Need healthy breakfast ideas? We've got you covered. These can be healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss. Check out these 10 ideas for healthy breakfast

It’s time to wave goodbye to the Frosties, and hello to a nutritious and healthy breakfast. I’m not talking bland porridge, but scrumptious plates of quick and easy food. Whether it’s a grab-and-go brekkie, or a take-your-time-and-pretend-you’re-Nigella-Lawson kind of morning, I’ve got you covered. Eggs? Check. Smoothies? Check. Muffins? You get the picture. After much experimenting in the kitchen, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite healthy breakfast ideas. Tuck in!

1. Apple cinnamon muffins.

Yes, you read that right. Healthy muffins. Actual muffins that are good for you. Bye bye Starbucks, hello freshly baked bliss. Hey, Monday mornings aren’t so bad after all. Find the recipe here.




2. Avocado smash on toast.

A foodie favourite, this tasty brekkie isn’t as tricky (or expensive) as it sounds. Just mash all the ingredients with a fork, before loading them onto your toast. Find the recipe here.

3. Scrambled eggs on toast.

These cracking scrambled eggs will not be beaten. Remarkably egg-ceptional, they’ll hatch a smile onto any face (I’m not even sorry). An egg-cellent recipe can be found here.




4. Smoothie bowl.

A smoothie? In a bowl? Okay, it does sound a little odd, but these bowls have become a firm favourite among foodies. Plus, they’re perfect Instagram material. Find a delicious recipe here.

5. Flax and chia porridge.

For a quick and easy breakfast, try porridge with an extra healthy twist. Add 30g oats, one teaspoon of flaxseeds (or linseeds as they’re also known), one teaspoon of chia seeds, and 200ml almond milk. Microwave for 2.5-3 minutes before mixing in a teaspoon of stevia or maple syrup. You’ll be full until lunch time.




6. Sweet potato toast.

For a fun and healthy alternative to toast, try sticking a thin slice of sweet potato into your toaster instead. After 2-3 minutes, or until it goes soft, load your tatties with anything from avocado smash (see above), to cottage cheese and chives. Who said student food was boring?

7. Mashed banana and peanut butter on toast.

For the perfect way to cure a hangover without resorting to six chocolate mousses and a bowl of pasta, try this delicious toast topper. Rich in protein and potassium, you simply spread your toast with some peanut butter, and top with a mashed banana. You can thank me later.


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8. Homemade granola bar.

Breakfast on the go does not have to mean a Coco Pops bar and a pack of Oreos (we’ve all been there). Instead, try these delicious and protein-packed granola bars that are sure to fill you up until lunch. Find the recipe here.

9. Homemade granola.

Shop-bought granola tends to be packed with sugar, making it a bad choice for those trying to eat healthier. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t tuck into a bowl of oaty goodness. Control the sugar content by making your own, using this tasty recipe.




10. Overnight oats.

Got a 9am lecture? Never fear. For a quick to-go lunch, try overnight oats. Just shove the ingredients in a mason jar or container the night before and it’ll be ready to eat by morning. Find the recipe here.



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