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Healthy And Delicious Salad Bowl Recipes

Healthy And Delicious Salad Bowl Recipes

Check out these healthy and delicious salad bowl recipes that look and taste great and are a quick and easy way to kickstart your healthy eating for this year!

When it comes to eating healthy, nothing screams health more than chowing down on a leafy, colourful and healthy salad. Although we typically think of salads as super boring, dull in taste, and synonymous with diets and regimented eating, salads with a little bit of creativity no longer have to be like this. You only have to look at social media pictures these days to see people snapping away their salad bowls (with a side portion of hummus and carrot sticks),  to know that this leafy dish can look really mouth-wateringly beautiful. With that in mind, here are some recommended healthy and delicious salad bowl recipes to kickstart your future love of this extremely healthy food choice.

Goat Cheese And Pea and Mint Salad:

This is the perfect salad to make if you’re into food like that taste both sweet and savoury at the same time. The pea and mint combination together can actually be quite mild, but combined with the Goats cheese and combination of dark and light lettuce leaves gives the salad a kick of flavour.

Top Tip: Add a drizzle of lemon or lime juice over this salad should you want the base flavour of your salad tangy and zesty. If you want an added sweetened taste to this salad, try mixing in a few red or yellow cherry tomatoes – they look beautiful and taste great with goats cheese.


Lettuce, Avocado, and Mango Salad:

This type of salad is full of chunky bits of juicy and flavorful fruit. Dice both the Avocado and Mango into square chunks, and cut the lettuce leaves into thin strips – the combination of food flavours and cutting style of the ingredients make this salad a bit different from the rest.

Top Tip: If you want the salad even sweeter, add a few raisins in. If you want to dull the flavour of the salad, drizzle on some olive oil or a slight squirt of mayonnaise. To bulk this salad up with a bit of protein, why not try adding some shredded chicken – both mango and avocado taste delicious with this particular meat choice.

Strawberry and Feta Cheese Salad: 

The sweet and creamy combination of the strawberries and feta cheese make for a unique type of salad. Strawberries are nice and juicy so they help with keeping the lettuce leaves moist and sweet tasting. The crumbly texture of the feta cheese looks beautiful up against the bright red strawberries. The perfect salad for a BBQ.


Top Tip: For more berry variation, add another type of your choice, such as blueberries or raspberries. Balsamic vinegar also tastes delicious drizzled over strawberries, and if you’re a nut lover, crushed walnuts with this salad bowls pack an extra punch of flavour and crunchy texture to the dish.

If you’d prefer the cheese stronger than feta, opt for a blue stilton cheese – it goes well with the strawberries too. If you’d like the base of this salad more creamy, add a drizzle of Caesar salad dressing to the dish and give it a good mix/shake.

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Beetroot, Goats Cheese, and Walnut Salad: 

This salad is super healthy; it contains fibre from the walnuts and lots of vitamins from the beetroot. Without the feta cheese, this would be an otherwise dry salad, so it works as a crumbly paste-like consistency to hold the entire salad together.

Top Tip: Balsamic vinegar added to this salad is delicious – it complements the beetroot really well and looks beautiful drizzled over the crumbled cheese and crunchy green spinach leaves.

Chunks of avocado would compliment this salad well too – the beetroot has a similar texture to the avocado and adds another layer of flavour and depth to this salad combination.


What are some of your favourite salad recipes that make for a delicious salad bowl? Do you add any sauces or dressing to your salads for extra taste and flavour? Let us know and comment!

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