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10 Harry Potter GIFs That Represent Your First Week Of College

10 Harry Potter GIFs That Represent Your First Week Of College

There are some great Harry Potter GIFs that represent all the things going through your head during your first week of college, these are just some.

Harry Potter GIFs are not only hilarious but also super relatable to your (well, at least my) first week of college. Here are a few that scream freshmen feels.

1. Realizing You’re A College Student Now

Summer’s done and you wake up to an alarm and wonder why the heck you set one so early, but then it hits you that you’re officially a college student now. You’ve come to that time in your life where you feel a lot closer to adulthood and you realize you aren’t a kid anymore (kind of). Hermione being shocked is one of the Harry Potter GIFs that perfectly summarizes this feeling.

2. Entering The Campus For The First Time With Your Parent/Friend

You’ve chosen a campus and, if you’re one of the lucky ones, your parents or friends are with you to move in. You’ve been mentally preparing for this moment all summer. Just as you’re about to get there you get those nervous butterflies and maybe start to freak out a tad (I did). Or, your parent/friend dropping you off starts to get all sentimental and mushy. This GIF of Ron and Harry is a great representation of the reactions you might have entering your campus for the first time.


3. Finding Your Classes

If you skipped out on a college tour and said: “I don’t need a map, I got this,” then you might be in a bit of trouble when it comes to finding your classes, especially if your campus is massive. This Harry Potter GIF of the moving stairs perfectly represents how overwhelming it can feel when you have absolutely no clue how to find Biology 101. Got to love being the lost freshman who’s 20 minutes late on the first day, we’ve all been there.

4. Eating Your First College Meal

College is expensive and most do not have the funds to fine dine for every meal. So, we all surrender to the lovely dining halls or pack a lunch. Whether you didn’t have time to meal prep, don’t want to sit alone in the dining hall, or don’t have time in between classes to eat, we’ve all had to submit to the vending machine lunch or something of the sort. Ron eating this gummy candy is quite relatable in this case.

5. Feeling Like Everyone Knows What They’re Doing But You

You’re lost and overwhelmed, but everyone around you knows exactly where they’re going and what they’re doing. It seems like you’re the only freshman who knows nothing. Harry in a quidditch game is one of the Harry Potter GIFs that demonstrates your inner worry as everyone else passes by.


6. Realizing There Are People You Hung Out With In High School At Your College

There’s always a chance that you’ll see people you graduated high school with walking around your campus. It can either be awkward or great, depending on your relationship with them. This GIF of Ron and Harry is one of the Harry Potter GIFs that demonstrates the relief you do feel when you see a familiar face your first week, no matter what your relationship is.

7. Going To Your First School Welcome Event

I highly recommend checking out school events because they can be fun, you’ll meet new people, and there’s a high chance you can score free merch. It’s also a great way to feel some school spirit. Practically any of the quidditch crowd Harry Potter GIFs show the pride you can feel for your school, especially if it’s for the school sports team.

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8. Making Your First College Friend

Making friends your first week can seem very daunting and almost impossible. You miss the comfort of your home friends and want someone to gush about your first experiences with! Whether it be someone as passionate about your program as you or someone on your hall, making your first friend in college is the best feeling. This GIF of Luna and her dad dancing is super relatable content.

9. Seeing Someone Make The Same Mistake As You

It’s embarrassing to make a mistake on your first week, like walking in and actually sitting down in the wrong classroom. It’s comforting (and hilarious) to watch someone make the same freshman mistake as you. Hermione’s saying her famous quote “what an idiot” is one of the more relatable Harry Potter GIFs for this situation. You probably mumbled this to yourself when you made the mistake.

10. Finishing Your First Week

You did it! You finished your first week. One of the best Harry Potter GIFs that represents how you feel is Hermione sarcastically clapping. Yes, you finished your first week so you deserve a round of applause, but then you realize that you have just a few more weeks (years) to go.


You might experience all or none of these things during your first week of college (lucky you if you didn’t go into the wrong classroom). Finding Harry Potter GIFs that represent how you feel are a great way to laugh at the embarrassing things you might’ve done. Just remember, the moments are going to pass and you will figure out the whole college thing soon. Let us know if you can relate to any of these in the comments!

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