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Hangover Tips That Will Save Your Life

Hangover Tips That Will Save Your Life

Can't handle the morning after like you used to? Give these miracle hangover tips a try to get feeling back to your normal self again!

We all know that dreaded feeling of waking up after a heavy night of drinking, afraid to move, praying this hangover isn’t as bad as the one you had on boxing day.  No matter how many times we do it to ourselves we never seem to learn, luckily I’ve got some top hangover tips for you to make the pain of last night disappear (except the pics your mate took of you dancing on the bar, there’s nothing I can do about that). Trust me, follow these rules and never dread a hangover the same again.

1) Prepare before you pre-game

So you know you’re heading out tonight, and you know it’s probably going to be a heavy one. At this point, you need to think about your future hungover self and STOCK UP. There’s nothing worse than having to drag your hungover self to the shops with a mouth dryer than the Sahara searching for refreshments. Fill your fridge with everything you know you’ll want tomorrow, think of it as a hungover meal prep!

2) Refresh and replenish

Following on from the last tip, be clever about what you’re putting into your body on a hangover. Whilst your body might be craving drinks like Coke and Fanta, it isn’t actually going to do much for your hangover beyond a sugar hit. Alcohol dehydrates you to the max so pick drinks the day after that are going to replace the nutrients you lost last night. Berocca is a great one, it’s full of vitamins to help bring you back to life, similarly, Powerade or other sports drinks are designed to replace electrolytes after a workout (not quite the same, but you need those electrolytes regardless), or even just a good old fashioned fresh fruit juice, full of natural vitamins.


3) Drench yourself

I don’t know why this works because you technically can’t absorb water through your skin in order to hydrate yourself, BUT this is honestly one of the best hangover tips: getting yourself submerged in some cold water is the best feeling when you’re hungover. I think it’s something to do with the refreshing feeling and the shock your body gets when it hits the water, it makes that pounding headache literally melt away. Opt for a cold shower, or better yet, get yourself in a swimming pool or the ocean.

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4) Nap time

Again, I don’t know the science behind this but it works every time without fail. Of all the hangover tips, this is the one I sweat by: the humble afternoon nap. SO you’ve woken up late, you’ve eaten your body weight in McDonald’s, perhaps regurgitated it, downed every liquid you can get your hands on and you STILL feel rough. Get back into bed and have an hour nap, give your body a change to rest and digest everything you’ve put into it to try and fix it, trust me you’ll wake up feeling like a new person.


5) Don’t wallow in it

Definitely a psychological one but wallowing around the house with last night’s make up smeared across your face isn’t going to make you feel any better. Drag your sorry self out of bed, have a shower and do something with your day even if it’s just taking the dog for a walk. Sticking to a routine will trick your mind into feeling somewhat normal and getting cleaned up and out and about definitely helps you feel more human again.

Although self-inflicted, hangovers can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Don’t let them take over your Sunday, follow these tips for a quick recovery so you can get yourself out for a lovely brunch with your mates, all the while promising ‘I’m never drinking again’ *wink*.

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