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Here’s How You Handle Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s How You Handle Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every wonder about the best way to deal with stress? Follow our suggestions based on your zodiac sign of how to de-stress and find your zen again.

Posts based on your zodiac sign tell you just about every way in which a sign deals with different situations. So do you ever wish you could live stress-free? Surely everyone has. And although there is not a definite cure for stress, we all find a way to reduce the worries and anxieties of our everyday routines. Astrology is a brilliant way of getting to know yourself and help you realise why you are feeling stressed. The study of the star is not infallible, and might not apply 100% to you, but even if you are an astrology hater you will recognize some of these 12 ways based on your zodiac sign that you handle stress.


Based on the zodiac sign, Aries is the leader. Aries has the need of taking charge and it’s sign is always energetic and turbulent. If you are an Aries, you are always up for an adventure and in search of a challenge. Stressful situations can make you impatient and short-tempered, anxious with an energy you can barely contain. You handle it by pursuing your adventurous spirit, going somewhere you’ve never been to before or just trying something new to break the routine.


Stability and feeling secure in all aspects of life such as relationships and finances is a key aspect of Taurus happiness and their place based on your zodiac sign. Taurus love to harvest the fruits of labour. The prospect of losing control while facing a stressful situation can threaten to destabilise your inner peace. Taurus connect with their senses and safe spaces. Cooking, listening to music or even gardening are excellent methods.



Curious and talkative, Gemini are the social butterflies of the zodiac signs. The dual nature of this signs also means you are a constant battle with the opposing aspects of your personality. So,  the best way to deal with stress is to find the perfect balance between being social and finding a space for some alone time. You decide whether to take a walk on your own or hang out with your closest mates.  It’s up to you!


As one of the most sensitive and loyal based on your zodiac sign, Cancer yearns to be next to their loved ones. If you’re cancer, being isolated apart from you the people you treasure or having a fight with them can be a massive source of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, you just need a long cuddle session, but also the time to be on your own to indulge in your hobbies or just have a nice walk next to a body of water.


Cheerful and confident, Leos are gleeful, especially when they are in the spotlight. As a Leo, you like to pretend stress doesn’t get to you, but it does. Why not decompress by enjoying a bit of entertainment? Leo reconnects with their creative spirit to wash all worries away. Clubbing, hanging out with friends or going to the cinema are must-dos.



Virgos analytical and logical nature prompts them to think too much. The drive to achieve perfection can be a dangerous a double-edged weapon. While achieving your best, your overthinking is the source of your worries. To relax, Virgos focus their attention on something else almost by instinct, but it’s always good to simply breathe out. Getting out of that complex mind easy when getting in touch with nature, reading or meditating.


As a Libra, peace, love, and fairness is your motto. Being treated unfairly can lead to carrying a grudge. So you seek cleansing by sharing a cuppa with your best pal. Beauty is something you yearn for, so making yourself look gorgeous or going shopping is your re-charging method. But, if you want to spare your bank account, try out to go to art galleries, the theatre or just the outdoors.


Obsession and jealousy are something Scorpios are familiar with; overthinking can be your number one source of stress. But negativity aside, as a Scorpio you are passionate and intense. You are also the most sensual sign based on your zodiac sign, so you get all pampered and decompress yourself by exploring your sexuality.

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Lovers of freedom and the outdoors, you can’t really contain a Sagittarius. When feeling constrained, the first instinct is to fly, far away. It’s not surprising that they’re travelers. As a Sagittarius, you dream of going on a new adventure and absorbing new sights. If you are mindful of your budget, then you should just try spending time in a new environment or discovering hidden places in your city.


Work hard and play harder, Capricorns know success doesn’t happen from in a few days. The true definition of workaholic, as a Sagittarius your job is your main stress source. After working eight hours straight, the best way to let loose is going for a larger to the nearest pub with your colleages, having a Netflix marathon or just a well-deserved nap.



Aquarius have hero spirits, humanitarian causes, and progressive thinking is what you stand for, but sometimes, not finding any of that in your surroundings causes anxiety. You like to disconnect from the world, and be offline for a couple of hours or even a whole day. You also have that quirky hobby you indulge in when you need it the most.


Empathetic as they are, pisces try to solve as many problems as they can, even when not their own. A room full of arguing people becomes a stressful situation. If you are a Pisces, you like to disconnect by exploting your creativity; drawing, singing or doing your make up. Sometimes though, you also love to procrastinate. A couple of hours of browsing online or streaming a show are a blessing.

So, read up based on your zodiac sign or your best friend’s and follow our tips to stay calm, cool, and collected, during your next stressful situation!

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