8 Handbag Essentials For Winter

These handbag essentials are going to be a real lifesaver for you once the bitter winter weather rolls around! Here's what you need in your handbag!

Winter is its own unique entity. It can be people’s least desirable season. This can be just because it seems a little bit harder to survive than usual. Whatever your seasonal preference, don’t get caught out by winter. Isn’t it always essential to be prepared? And you can be too! Life doesn’t have to be a winter misery. Check out these eight essential handbag essentials for winter. They will arm you against colds, the wind and general winter darkness. These definitely should not be left at home this winter!

8 Essential Handbag Essentials For Winter

1. Gloves

Jack Frost might be nipping at your nose, and your fingertips! Gloves are a pretty essential winter item and something not to be forgotten as a handbag essential. If you’re someone who can’t stand the idea of taking on and off your gloves repeatedly to text, they have even now invented smart phone sensitive gloves. So, you can keep UpToDate scrolling whilst being warm too. Why not go further and throw in a scarf or even a woolly hat to stay extra warm. Gloves though are an essential handbag essential.


2. A torch

The winter nights are long and dark. A torch is a pretty good idea for a handbag essential. If you can’t find your keys or are unsure of your footing, a small electric torch in your handbag can guide you all the way home. This essential item is also a life saver if your phone dies.

8 Essential Handbag Essentials For Winter

3. Hand sanitizer

Everyone seems to get a little bit ill in the winter time. Don’t get sick because you didn’t remember to wash your hands because you couldn’t at the time. A squirt of hand sanitizers after a ride on the underground can help to fend off that winter cold. A little piece of armour and an essential item in your handbag for winter.


4. Chap stick

That cold winter air can be terrible for your skin, and especially your lips. Arm yourself against the cold wind with your favourite chap stick or lip balm. Every little helps! Another great essential handbag idea might be a travel size face moisturizer, if you’re someone who is very susceptible to dry skin.

5. Tissues

Even if you manage to fend off a cold, a runny nose is often a symptom of winter weather. Make sure you pack this essential to prevent snotty sleeves. If you don’t end up needing one, one of your friends most probably will. These also beat toilet paper which if relied on can give you’re a very sore little snout.

8 Essential Handbag Essentials For Winter


6. Cold and flu tablets

Oh no… it caught you! You’ve fallen victim to that winter weather and winter flu. Stay on top of your health and ahead of your cold. Carrying around a small pack of cold and flu tablets will also remind you to take them when necessary.


7. Vitamins

Double defence. Carry these alongside that cold medication and return to health in no time! A handbag essential for winter.

8. Tea bags

We love nothing more than a warm cuppa, especially in winter. If you suddenly get a craving out and about, make sure you’ve packed your handbag essential favourite tea bag. Whether it’s a classic cup you love or a more out-there fruit blend, your favourite cup of tea on a winter day will definitely cheer you up.

8 Essential Handbag Essentials For Winter


Stay healthy, stay prepared and stay ahead this winter with these essential handbag essentials for winter. Fill your handbag based on some of these essential ideas. All these items are small and light enough to carry around in your handbag. But at the same time, they can benefit positively towards your winter day massively!

Live the winter! What do you think are some handbag essentials? Will you try any of these handbag essentials? Tell us in the comments!
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