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10 Hairstyles That Are Guaranteed To Survive HIIT Workouts

10 Hairstyles That Are Guaranteed To Survive HIIT Workouts

10 Hairstyles That Are Guaranteed To Survive HIIT Workouts

It’s often difficult to figure out which hairstyles will stay in place while you’re at the gym, and the last thing you want is to be worrying about flyaway hairs when you’re trying not to fall off the treadmill. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) is great for making you feel better physically, but if you’re the type that wants to feel nice on the outside as well as on the inside, here are some hairstyles guaranteed to survive your workouts!

1. High Ponytail

One of the classic hairstyles which I often go for, a high ponytail will take less than ten seconds for you to recreate. Not only does it look neat, but keeping your hair off your neck will ensure that you’re still kept cool while you’re sweating.

2. Twist

If this high ponytail look is too boring for you, why not spice things up and go for the classic twist instead? Perfect for if you have a bit more time on your hands before you head to the gym, it does exactly the same job of keeping your hair off your neck. Ideal, am I right?


3. Plait

Similar to a ponytail except the hair won’t necessarily be off your neck, a simple plait down the middle of your head is ideal if you’re going for the ‘sweet’ look. If you pull it tight enough, it will also reduce the likelihood of any hairs becoming loose.

4. Double Dutch

This is slightly more complicated, so might be handy if you have someone around to do it for you. Plait your hair using the Dutch technique (which is something you may have to research and practise in order to perfect) then loosen to give it a softer look, then be prepared to stand out from the crowd at the gym!

5. Headband

This is a very cute look, and perfect if you’re the sort of girl who loves to accessorise. Just put your hair up in a high ponytail and add your headband, or even a scarf if you have one that you think could work. The brighter the design, the brighter you’ll feel while doing your workout!


6. Braid As A Headband

If you’re used to doing your hair all fancy-like, or you have a long fringe which you’d love to get out of the way, this is a great hairstyle for you. After all, why splash the cash on a bunch of new headbands when you could just DIY and use your own hair instead? People will be so impressed when they see you, and you’re bound to get lots of them asking how on Earth you’ve managed it!

7. Top Knot

Possibly best for those of you who aren’t planning on doing vigorous cardio routines, a top knot is an entirely effortless look. It doesn’t take long to do at all, and if it does come undone at any point it’s a very easy fix for you.

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8. Accessorised Top Knot

If you are really worried about your top knot falling out, secure it by using lots of bobby pins. You can buy them for a very reasonable price and in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so don’t hold back!

9. Braided Bun

If this top knot idea just isn’t secure enough for you, then why not try a braided bun? Just plait your hair and twist it into a bun, and your hair will definitely feel more stable. Don’t forget the hairspray for extra reassurance that it will stay in place!

10. Half-Up

If you have short hair, it’s a really flattering look if you tie half your hair back and leave the other half down. Your face will be free of hair so you can sweat as much as you like!


Do you know of any hairstyles which are guaranteed to survive a HIIT workout? Let us know in the comments below!

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