Haircuts For Women That Are Trendy AF

Looking to change you hairstyle for the summer? Here's some inspiration! Take a look at these 7 trendy and chic haircuts for women you'll be sure to love!

What haircut should I get next? How short do I want my hair to be? Is it going to suit me? Do I have time to style my hair every morning? These are all the questions we ask ourselves while looking for some hairstyling inspiration on social media. No need to worry about it, we got you, girl! If you want to look cool and fabulous this summer, here are 7 trendy haircuts for women to choose from!

1. Messy Bob

If you failed to succumb to the hot haircut trend of 2018 – choppy bob hairstyles – don’t worry, it’s back again this season around. There is no need to pay a visit to your hairdresser to give a shape to your grown-out hair. Blow-dry upside down, apply a styling mousse and use a curler (or a straightener) to create messy curls; add texture using a hair spray. If you just decided to cut your hair – ask your stylist not to cut it shorter than where your clavicles are and add a few layers to frame your face!

7 Haircuts For Women That Are Trendy AF

2. Grown Out Pixie Cut

Don’t freak out: there is no need to cut your hair in a classic pixie style and wait until it grows out. Just ask your hairdresser to leave the front part (basically your bangs) a little bit longer than the rest of your hair. You have to take into account that this is not the easiest haircut for women to take care of: it can require daily styling. Yet, at the same time, you have a plethora of styling options to play around with. Back-brush your long fringe, brush it to the side, give it some volume or even turn into a mohawk!

7 Haircuts For Women That Are Trendy AF

3. Fine Curly Hair

You are a lucky gal if your hair is naturally wavy or curly. Then you can tell your hairstylist to create more volume by getting your hair layered. To add texture, use high volume hair wax or a styling mousse. Tame your hair strands using a curler or a styling brush. Don’t forget that this haircut for women requires careful daily care. Ask your stylist for advice about which products work best for your hair type!

7 Haircuts For Women That Are Trendy AF

4. Long Waves Hippie Style

Fashion, hair and beauty trends of 2019 all favor the extreme “naturalness” so any attempt to look carelessly beautiful and achieve the “I woke up like this” look is welcomed. Vintage, hippie-inspired mermaid waves along with the grown-out bangs look – which was extremely popular in the 1970s – is a perfect fit in this case. If you are struggling to explain the idea to your hairdresser, just ask them to make you look like young Cher!

7 Haircuts For Women That Are Trendy AF

5. Short Pixie Cut

It’s one of the most recognizable haircut trends of the season. If you spot shorter hair strands around the neck area and at the temples, with longer strands where the sinciput is, that is a pixie cut. Again, this year around it’s all about edginess and brutality so if you want to get a trendy pixie cut, use some hair wax and hair spray to create texture and add volume.

5. Cascade Haircut

This haircut for women is coming back in 2019, but this time it’s straight up rock-n-roll: grungy, edgy and cool! Hairstylists this year strive to emphasize the layered hair by using different styling tools to create a “dirty” and “jagged” texture as well as by highlighting or darkening some strands of the hair. The more negligent, the better. Sounds quite convenient, huh.

6. Layered Bangs

In 2019 strict geometric shapes in haircuts are giving way to a deliberately careless style of bangs. And we are here for it! This type of haircut for women works perfectly with hair of any length and shape and looks especially chic and modern if the strands down the forehead are a tiny bit longer than they’re supposed to be, thus slightly covering the eyes. However, short bangs is a hot trend as well!

What is your go-to haircut for women for summertime? Let us know in the comments!

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