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8 Hair Transformation Tips For Anyone Looking For A Change

8 Hair Transformation Tips For Anyone Looking For A Change

Is your hairstyle leaving you feeling flat? Try one of these hair transformation techniques to turn your hair into a do you can be proud of.

If you’re like me, you’re lusting after a new hairstyle every other week. I get bored so easily with my hair and am constantly searching for the latest hair transformation trend to mix up my look. With some styles way more of a commitment than others, it’s good to have plenty of options and to consider the ‘get out clause’ attached to the do you’re considering. It’s also important to take into account the damage that comes along with a hair transformation. For example, while a cut will likely improve your hair health, a full head bleach will cause dramatic damage and is hard to come back form. That being said, it all depends on how well you look after your hair and the quality of stylist that preforms the treatment. Let’s get into it!

1. Chop it off

The dreaded chop. This one is so nerve-racking but most people who do it never look back. Not only will it rid you of all your dead ends, it’ll make your hair look SO much thicker. A blunt cropped style is very in fashion right now, with celebs such as Dua Lipa and Natalie Portman rocking the crop. Although this is pretty irreversible, hair extensions are always an option if you regret your cut, and remember, it will always grow back!

2. Get a fringe

This is one of the best hair transformations for many reasons. Firstly, it’s super quick and easy, it doesn’t require you sitting in a salon for hours on end and it’s pretty inexpensive. Secondly, it’s easy to check out before you commit. You can get faux fringes pretty easily to try the look on yourself before you make the chop, alternatively, you can make a faux fringe out of the lengths of your own hair: see Kendal Jenner AMA’s circa 2015 (tutorials can be found on youtube).


3. BOLD and brave

Nothing says new hair new me like a bold colour. If you’re already blond this is a pretty straightforward process, however, if you’ve got darker locks you’ll have to commit to some bleaching before you can get the bold colour of your dreams. You can go pastel (pinks and purples are the dreams) or stronger, more editorial tones like blue, neon yellow or even a strong orange. Such a cool look, you’re sure to turn heads.

4. Blissful Balayage

Colouring without commitment, that’s what we like! Balayage is the ultimate colouring technique: not only does it look super natural and discreet, it’s the perfect style to avoid roots! Get it done once and then let it grow itself out without having to dye over it if you get bored. It gives a beautiful lift and dimension to your hair with minimal damage and commitment.

5. Braids for days

For my ladies with afro hair, braids are a super cool way to change up your look and add some serious length with added extensions for that extra wow factor. Be prepared for a long visit to the hair salon and a bit of a sore scalp but trust me, the end result will be worth it.

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6. Try your hand at styling

You don’t have to make any permanent alterations to change up your look. Try your hand at a new style, whether that be plaits, a messy bun, or even styling with a curler. You’d be surprised at how quick and easy it can be to give yourself a totally different look that you can just take out at the end of the day. 10/10 no commitment points.

7. Change your part

The easiest hair transformation of them all: simply change your parting. Got a middle parting? Change to a swept side look. Side parting? Open up your face with a simple middle part. Give yourself a full hair transformation literally in a matter of seconds.


8. Get a treatment

Not only is a relaxing, pampering experience to head to the salon and get a treatment, but it’ll also leave your hair feeling so silky and soft, you’ll feel like you’ve got a whole new head of hair. If you’re on a budget there are plenty of at home treatments you can do in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Whichever hair transformation technique you try, make sure you’re ready for the change and commitment. Changing up your look can be such a fun experience, let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas or tips on updating your mane.

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