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Hair Hacks If You Are Running Late

Hair Hacks If You Are Running Late

Here's all the hair hacks you need for when you are running late, but still want to look like you have put the effort in.

For quick and easy hair hacks when you are running late and still need to look mildly presentable, you need to consult with girl’s best friend bobby pins and dry shampoo. All of the following tricks will save you from crawling into university looking like a birds nest has taken over your whole head!

1. Dry shampoo is your best friend

For the lazy girl and girls whose hair gets greasy easily, this is their number one item in their makeup bag. If your hair is looking limp, greasy or just not great, use dry shampoo (shampoo in a spray bottle for those who haven’t come across it). It will give your hair that instant lift you need, by providing some volume and a little volume to make you feel instantly better. There are different kinds of dry shampoo depending on your hair colour, so make sure you buy the right one to suit your hair. Also, something important to remember when using dry shampoo, you need to brush it in or your hair will have that grey hair look. Which isn’t the cool grey hair look you want, but more of an ashy, powdery dandruff look.

2. If you want to look cute

On the days that you have overslept and you want to still look like you have made an effort. Grab your hair curlers and put your hair into a high pony. Rather than having to curl the whole head, take 4 sections and curl each one in the ponytail. When you have finished take out the ponytail, and spray your hair to be left with bouncy voluminous curls. Voila. With minimal effort and you will be receiving compliments all day.


Hair Hacks If You Are Running Late

3. Being prepared in advance

If you know you are going to have a busy morning, prep your hair in advance the night before. If you are a fan of beachy, boho waves plait your hair into one or two plaits, depending on how you are comfortable to sleep. And in the morning quickly take out your plaits for a cute wavy look, which takes minimal effort and the waves will stay in longer than curling your hair. But also you will have no heat damage from any curling products.

4. For the ladies with a fringe

For the days where you massively oversleep and you don’t know what to do with yourself. If you don’t have any dry shampoo or a substitute to hand. Quickly wash only your fringe in the sink, it will take only a few minutes to dry and restyle and it will make you look completely put together, even if you don’t feel as much. Your fringe will frame your face and make you look a little less wild, than if you didn’t wash the fringe.


Hair Hacks If You Are Running Late

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5. Hiding your hair altogether

If you are having one of those days where your hair should be hidden from all humankind. There are alternative hair hacks to hide this and to prevent people from seeing your hair. If you have any chic bandanas you can use to wrap around your hair which will give you a cute quirky look. If you a bandana isn’t your thing, you can wear hats, but that is depending on where you go and if these will be allowed.


Hair Hacks If You Are Running Late

6. Quick up-do

If you want to quickly put your hair up, but you don’t want the usual standard pony tail. You can use bobby pins at the back of your head above or beneath the pony tail to make a cute symbol. You can make a star shape, heart, your initial, whatever you would like to show the world a little of who you are. Or I have seen some very cute triangles keeping your hair in place and upgrading the usual pony tail look.

If you have any alternative hair hacks for the girls in a rush, include them so we can share tactics on what to do. Girls in a rush need to have a multitude of hacks and tips to help them looking incredible, whilst living their busy best life.

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