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20 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier At University of Kent

20 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier At University of Kent

There are many ways you can prepare for starting at UKC and these can save you time in the long run. Here are some lifesaving University of Kent hacks!

There are many ways you can prepare for starting at UKC and these can save you time in the long run. Here are some simple University of Kent hacks to make your life easier during your first year.


1. Try to find your future flatmates on Facebook before you arrive.

By joining groups such as University of Kent Freshers, once the accommodation offers are released you can post your flat number and find people who are in the same accommodation as you. This can really be helpful as you can get to know the people you will be living with for the next year before you move in, helping to settle any pre-university nerves.


2. Bring a doorstop with you when you move in.

This way you can keep the heavy doors open and meet the rest of your flat as they move in. You will appear sociable and welcoming, and it will help you bond with the people you’re living with


3. Try to socialise with the neighbouring flat or house.

You never know when you might need to borrow some sugar or milk, and getting along with neighbours reduces the likelihood of conflict with them later in the year if you start off on good terms.


4. Figure out the book sorting system in the library as soon as possible in order to save time later.

Templeman library can be a complicated place to navigate and you can always ask for help from librarians. Figure out if the books for your course are on the East or West side and how they are catalogued.

5. Join your subject society to make friends on your course and to seek academic support.

Although you’ll be assigned an academic adviser, it’s a good idea to join the society for your subject. For instance Kent has several English societies including Poetry and Comparative Literature. By joining the societies you can meet like-minded people, increase your social circle and gain access to academic support from older students or people in your year.

6. Buy an NUS card before you start at UKC.

You get a 10% discount on co-op own brand food from Essentials with the card, as well as tons of high street discounts and money off meals in restaurants on certain days. This will save you quite a substantial amount of money throughout the year.



7. Keep change for the washing machines and tumble dryers on campus.

Most of the washers accept coins and its useful to familiarise yourself with how they work before you washing builds up. The first time you use the machines may take longer than expected, but once you can use the machines you will save time in the long run.

8. Try to do as much of the reading set by seminar leaders as possible, it will save you time when exams roll around.

Many of the exams especially for my course are set around the reading; therefore it is essential that you take in the initial reading set by seminar leaders. When you’re revising you can go over your notes and do extra reading to supplement your knowledge, instead of catching up on the reading from the year.


9. Don’t leave washing up to build up, do it in small manageable chunks.

It’s a good idea to do washing up frequently, as it feels like less work than washing every piece of cutlery and kitchenware you own all at once.

10. Keep some Lucozade /dry crackers/ fry up ingredients/ preferred hangover cure in the flat at all times just in case of a spontaneous sesh.

At Kent you never know when your next opportunity to go out will be, so don’t let the fact you don’t have a hangover cure handy get in the way of going out and making priceless first year memories.

11. When you arrive make sure to stock up on medicines and first aid items just in case.

In order to battle the dreaded fresher’s flu, make sure to have cold and flu remedies, cough syrup and painkillers at your disposal. It may be worth taking some vitamin C supplements to boost your immune system against the illnesses going around uni.


12. Figure out what frozen food is worth buying from the supermarket (ready meals, fish fingers,) and which foods aren’t as good frozen (broccoli).

Having meals in the freezer will be great when you’re strapped for time and need a dinner quickly.

13. Keep revision snacks handy leading up to, and during, exam season.

They will help you to focus during revision and give you one less way to procrastinate, by going to buy snacks.

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14. Purchase a spare cheap plastic bin in the pre-uni Ikea shop. It will come in useful for messy nights in fresher’s week.

This bin can be disposable and will help you to avoid ruining the bin issued to you with your accommodation.

15. Establish what kitchen items you need and buy them as a flat.

When you arrive and everyone has invested in a cheese grater, you will regret it. Larger items such as a toaster (which isn’t provided in Kent accommodation) can be bought as a flat. By pooling your money you can invest in a better quality item that will last longer.

16. Organise a bin rota when you start the year.

By doing this you can ensure everyone pulls his or her weight in the flat and avoid conflict. Allocate different days to each member of the flat to share the duties.


17. Don’t leave your revision to the last minute!

It’s true that the grade you achieve in the first year doesn’t count towards your degree, but it will determine whether you can study abroad, get internships and stay on the master’s course.


18. Be polite to the housekeeping, maintenance and security staff.

When your first year antics get you into a pickle, being on good terms with these people will help you out. Trust me. Especially focus on chatting to the Venue security as they may well come in useful to you on a particularly messy night.


19. Bring a hot water bottle with you for any power cuts or fresher’s flu fevers.

When the heating packs in, you’ll be glad to have this to hand.

20. If you’re looking for employment, visit the Jobshop and get a job with Kent Union.

Many outlets hire student staff such as receptions and Essentials. These jobs are flexible, well paid and accommodating for students with heavy workloads and exams.

Have any other lifesaving University of Kent hacks? Leave them in the comments below!
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