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The 8 Different Types Of Guys I’ve Met On Dating Apps

The 8 Different Types Of Guys I’ve Met On Dating Apps

These are some of the guys I've met on dating apps. From the guy who just wants to hookup to the one who you are just creeped out by.

People come across in many different ways when they are trying to impress a potential partner. Within the magical world of online dating, you get to know a range of people from various walks of life. Some of them are interesting and some make you lose hope on all of humanity. But either way, it’s quite a fun experience. Here are eight types of guys I’ve met on dating apps.

1. The curious cat

Now some level of curiosity about your potential date is a good thing. It keeps the conversation going, but when that curiosity veers into an uncomfortably personal territory, you’d be hard pressed not to run away. This person is overly curious, they want to know every detail of your life, with excruciating clarity, and it gets old real quick.


2. The photogenic right swipe

This is where your own preference for vanity comes into play. You know when you come across an Adonis whose bio has not more than two words, you know nothing about him and yet you’re imagining what your future babies would like? Yeah, those guys with their gym build body and perfectly chiselled faces. So rare, and yet so beautiful when you come across, that you can’t help the involuntary swipe your fingers do, that’s what I’d like to call the photogenic swipe. This is one of the types of guys I’ve met on dating apps.

3. The flirting McQueen

“I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”. A good old pickup line. You can’t go wrong with these, or can you? Flirting on a dating app is not something that would surprise any scientist. But when you’re on there for something besides incessant flirting, a person that just doesn’t get the hint can get annoying. This guy starts off the conversation with a pickup line, followed by flattery and then constantly calls you ‘babe’, before you’ve even finished exchanging ‘how are you’s’.


4. The hookup aficionado

A cruder and less comfortable version of flirting McQueen is the guy (or girl) who is strictly on a dating app for a hookup. If it’s okay with both parties then it’s perfectly alright, but if one person isn’t into it, a conversation with this kind of guy can get really uncomfortable. This is one of the types of guys I’ve met on dating apps.


5. The ‘hi’ guy

Awkward, shy and not the best at holding a conversation, these are the guys with whom the conversation never goes beyond a ‘hello’.  Generally, quite sweet, conversations with them are usually limited to pleasantries and small talk. These are the ones that never really rub you the wrong way, but remain quite forgettable.

6. The conversationalist

One of my personal favourites among people I’ve come across is that person who makes amazing conversation. They love the same music as you, watch the same films you do, and read the same books as you. Conversations go on for hours, delving into depth and various tangents with these conversationalists. This is one of the types of guys I’ve met on dating apps.

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7. The gentleman

Guys who treat you well, and displays chivalry even on text are quite hard to come by within the world of online dating, but when you do come across these rare mythical creatures who treats you like a lady deserves to be treated, don’t let them go! Who knows when you’ll find another like him?


8. The friend

As a person- who is quite lonely but not at all interested in relationships- on dating apps, I find it quite hard to navigate it. I keep having to explain myself. If you’re not on a dating app to date, then why bother, I often get asked subtly asked by many of my matches. Explaining that you’re on there just to meet new people and maybe forge a few friendships, is not always met with positive responses. But sometimes you meet someone who’s more than happy to just be a friend. It’s incredibly rare, but when someone like me finds it, there’s no greater happiness. So the friends you make on an app meant for more is my favourite category of people. This is one of the types of guys I’ve met on dating apps.


Which of these types of guys I’ve met on dating apps have you met? Let us know below.

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