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The Ultimate Guide To The Edinburgh Neighbourhoods

The Ultimate Guide To The Edinburgh Neighbourhoods

Deciding on where to live can be a tough decision, especially when there are so many places to choose from. Here's a guide to Edinburgh neighbourhoods!

No matter where you go, every neighbourhood has it, the ultimate place to live. That place that always turns out to be more expensive or the place that has everything on the one street you could hope for. Wherever you may live in the world, check out this ultimate guide to the Edinburgh neighbourhoods!

1. Haymarket

The best of the best if you want to live near to the city, but also need to travel using the trains. With Haymarket station being so close, you can leave the city in a rush, but also arrive back just as quickly. In Haymarket, there is definitely no lack in good shops, pubs, or places for cheap shopping. This is the perfect location if you want to live in the city centre but not too far in. With Princes street a mere 10 minutes walk away, and plenty of transportation routes of buses and trams; you can be there in half the time. This is also the ideal place for students to live if you decide to become a part of Edinburgh! I can’t promise you it’ll be cheap, but it’ll be worth it.

2. Fountainbridge

Fountainbridge is the second best place to live, especially for student life. The early walk to clubs make the high rent worth it; the you save money on taxis is great, and there’s even some local food places still open past 3am. This is always such a busy place and, recently, the Fountainbridge complex has been refurbished and now has more restaurants to choose from. With plenty to do, Fountainbridge will definitely keep you busy and entertained; and the sights of the nearby canal makes living here extra special.


3. Quarter Mile

The most expensive and elite of all the places to live in Edinburgh: Quarter Mile. Just walking past its luxury is enough to make you weep. The beauty of it and exclusivity of this places gives you that little push to want to try to be better in life; while knowing full well that you would never be able to afford to live there. Not to worry, this is definitely a place for the professionals who probably work too much anyways, so think of it as a blessing in disguise. This area is also located next to The Meadows Park, so on a great sunny day the sights are glorious.

4. Bruntsfield/ Morningside

This area is more of an old fashioned part of Edinburgh, but is well looked after. This is for the real people, the original if Edinburgh, almost as if they have their own little section to themselves; a town within a town. For the locals that live here, this place is their home; it is beautiful, traditional and well kept. To live here would be a joy; a great pleasure to walk past all the lovely shops, to sit outside a little local cafe and enjoy a beverage. This place is always stress free and a delight to always to visit, so just imagine living here.

5. New Town

Everyone who has even visited Edinburgh will know of the New Town area. With its rural classical outlook, this area is for the sophisticated traditional individuals in Edinburgh. This area is where these classy and proper people decide to take up permeant residence and it’s easy to see why. However, with such beauty comes a heavy price tag, as the buildings here may be old, but the living certainly is not.


6. Sighthill

Possibly not the best place to live, but it could be right for you if you the find the right neighbourhood. This is a residence that’s more suited for those wishing to reside in the outskirts, away from the amenities of the city. Additionally, because this area is mostly housing there isn’t much else to do here; but cheaper living just means your bank balance will thank you, slightly.

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7. Stockbridge

Stockbridge, another residence with the capital that some wish to live with sophistication. Full of townhouses and beautiful housing scenery, it doesn’t disappoint. There is also the everlasting Stockbridge market, so go and check out the delights for yourself.


8. Tollcross

Tollcross is the main point of living that is right next to the business perspective of the city. If your lucky to live here, you’ll probably live near where you work.  It’s full of hustle and bustle and plenty of little shops and places to ‘nip’ into for the ‘bit and bobs’. This place is perfect for the more extroverted individual who likes being the centre of it all. This town is always on the go, so be sure not to miss out.

9. Leith

Those who live in the Northern spectrum of Edinburgh enjoy the delights of this neighbourhood being out the way of the busy side of the city. Leith is full of various wonders, such as the Water of Leith river running through the area. Leith is another popular place to live for students, due to the cheap rent and easy access to amenities. There is additionally the docks at Leith Harbour, and the infamous Royal Yacht Britannia, which is located at Ocean terminal.

With all the Edinburgh neighbourhoods combined, it’s easy to see where you would fit in; however, you should be sure to check out each neighbourhood so you know where you’d feel right at home. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!
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