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10 Group Friendly Restaurants In London

10 Group Friendly Restaurants In London

Finding the perfect restaurant for a large group is difficult. Here is a list of some of the group friendly restaurants in London!

Dining out with all your friends always seems like a great idea until no one can decide what they fancy and where to go. Once you’ve finally made your mind up, getting a booking at a place suitable for a group of fourteen isn’t always easy. Think of this list as your guide to group-friendly restaurants in London.


Perfect for when it’s hot and sunny and your whole team fancies a pint and a bite after work, Pergola is the rooftop dining concept that offers a number of bars and restaurants and allows customers to all sit together, no matter where they choose to eat from. With stalls from the city’s most popular street food vendors, everyone will be able to find something they like. Not only is the food great and very reasonably priced, but the tables are huge and can be reserved online and the beautiful plant-filled decor will make for some great group photos.


Finding a decent curry house that will seat large groups in Central London can be tricky but Dishoom, which happens to be one of the best Indian restaurants in the capital, is also one of the best group friendly restaurants. The menu here is huge and it is all delicious, so visiting in a group means you can order a mixture of the sharing plates and taste a bit of everything. The service is also top-notch with multiple servers taking care and attending to your tables every need even when there are so many of you.


Pizza East

With long communal tables reminiscent of school dining rooms but with a chic edge, Pizza East has the perfect layout for dining with all your pals at once. With a mix of classic and adventurous topping combinations, this restaurant will impress any pizza connoisseur. There is a good offering of wine and beer with a unique aperitivo and cocktail list and they also serve a weekend brunch where the eggs are as good as the pizzas.


A bit pricier than some of the other contenders on this list of group-friendly restaurants list but worth every extra penny, Hawksmoor is the place to go if you are looking for a steak or a Sunday roast in London. With steaks available pre-cut or by weight, guests can opt to share a large cut with their table neighbor or enjoy their favorite smaller piece. The list of sides is extensive and with a large table, why not order one of everything and all dig in?


When the pizzas only come in 20-inch sizes, you will want to visit Homeslice in a group. Order one pizza per two to three diners and go half-and-half on the toppings so you can try the inventive flavors on offer. Just to warn you, it will get messy – paper plates only here and there is no cutlery on offer, so think of it as a bonding experience and get stuck in. There are no sides or starters or desserts on the menu and each pizza costs £20 so there will be no arguing over splitting the bill when you’re done.


Street Feast

Street Feast is a group that has a number of ultimate street food markets around the city. All housed under shelter so that they are perfect at any time of year, each Street Feast location offers a huge number of bars and eateries with large communal tables and a relaxed, loud vibe. Great for friends to stand or sit, eat, drink and mingle in the central hall space or sneak off into one of the more intimate bars along the sidelines. The venues all stay open until late, making it a great pre-night out spot.


If you and your friends are lovers of burgers, hot dogs and basically anything fried then head down to MEATliquor for a bite to eat and a catch-up. While the restaurant’s name suggests it’s only suitable for meat lovers, they also have a great selection of veggie and vegan food to choose from which makes it perfect for groups with different tastes. The atmosphere here is laid-back with a rebellious, industrial feel. Food is served on metal trays with ample kitchen roll provided and the seating takes shape in long wooden benches at large tables.

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The Ivy

Fancier than the restaurants previously mentioned and often overlooked due to its reputation for luxury, The Ivy is one of the city’s group friendly restaurants that are perfect for a celebratory brunch. There’s the option to hire a private room in some venues or simply book a large table in the restaurant itself. The staff are more than happy to accommodate large groups and will ensure you are well looked after. With a classic British menu and an extensive list of options, everyone will find something they like. Follow up your brunch with a browse in the shops or a trip to the salon.

Bunga Bunga

If you’re looking for a show along with your meal then look no further for Bunga Bunga where they serve an Italian sharing menu with a side of karaoke and fantastic live entertainment. The cocktails are delicious and go down easily and the pizzas are so large they have to be shared between four. Don’t anything planned for after dinner because you will still be here into the early hours.

Sexy Fish

Without a doubt, the most expensive and flashiest of the group friendly restaurants on this list, Sexy Fish is a go-to for a big birthday night out. As the name suggests, most of the food is fish based, with sushi and sashimi being the stars of the menu along with the caviar. There’s also a selection of tasty meat and veg dishes and melt-in-your-mouth desserts. Alongside this is an inventive cocktail list as well as Japanese whiskeys and wine. On the weekend they serve food until 1am, so grab your friends, find a reason to celebrate and hit the town.


Which group friendly restaurants do you and your pals love visiting in London? Comment with your favorites below.

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