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10 Places That Everyone Who Grew Up In Montreal Loves

10 Places That Everyone Who Grew Up In Montreal Loves

If you grew up in Montreal, you will remember these places to visit on this list! These are some of the most amazing places to see in the city.

Montreal is a beautiful city that everyone definitely has to visit at least once in their lifetime. If you were lucky enough to grow up in this incredible city, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. There is something to see in every part of Montreal, no matter how secluded. Check out these 10 places that everyone who grew up in Montreal loves (and everyone who comes to Montreal is definitely going to fall in love with).

1. Notre-Dame Basilica

Address: 110 Notre-Dame Street West, H2Y 1T2

Located in the historic district of Old Montreal, this absolutely gorgeous Gothic building is one that everyone loves. The beautiful array of colours that graces this building makes it one of the most unique places in all of Montreal. Even if you’re not religious, you still definitely have to visit it whenever you’re in town.

One of most beautiful places that everyone in Montreal loves

2. Saint Joseph’s Oratory

Address: 3800 Queen Mary Road, H3V 1H6

Speaking of beautiful architecture, this Oratory is another magnificent place that everyone who grew up in Montreal loves. The sheer size and grandeur of this building is enough to blow away even the most reserved among you. You absolutely have to see it; you’ll thank me later.

Everyone who grew up in Montreal absolutely loves this place

3. Old Port

Address: 333 Rue de la Commune Ouest, H2Y 2E2

Despite what you may think, Montreal actually has a lot of old and beautiful places that are definitely worth a visit (or two). Everyone who grew up in Montreal would have visited the Old Port, especially during celebrations such as Canada Day on July 1st. It’s easily one of the most welcoming parts of the city!

One of the top 10 places in Montreal that you’ll love

4. Botanical Garden

Address: 4101 Rue Sherbrooke East, H1X 2B2

With free admission to the outer gardens, this is one of the best places to go in Montreal. Even with the entry charge, it’s worth the price – the thematic gardens and arrangements are some of the most beautiful that you’ll ever see. It’s a great place to go if you just want to relax somewhere nice and peaceful.

One of the most beautiful places that everyone in Montreal loves

5. Mont Royal

Address: H2W 1S8

Who knew that you could go hiking or cycling in the heart of Montreal! Mount Royal is a great place to go on a warm summer evening or a quiet winter day. Perfect for a picnic, a walk, and just about everything else, Mount Royal is the place to be when you visit Montreal. After all, it gave its name to our lovely city.

An incredible place in Montreal that we know you’ll love

6. Schwartz’s Deli

Address: 3895 St Laurent Boulevard, H2W 1X9

All of us Montrealers love our smoked meat and the best place to get it is definitely at Schwartz’s. You’ll be served a delicious sandwich with a side of fries and some incredible Cott black cherry cola. It’s the best place to go for lunch, dinner, or just whenever you fancy a bit to eat. This is one of the classic places to go to if you grew up in Montreal.

This is one of the most popular places in Montreal

7. Biodome

Address: 4777 Pierre-de Coubertin Avenue, H1V 1B3

An incredible display of multiple ecosystems, the Montreal Biodome is one of the most exciting places to visit in the entirety of the city. Where else would you be able to see such a wide array of wild animals!

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This place is absolutely loved by everyone in Montreal

8. Museum of Fine Arts

Address: 1380 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, H3G 1J5

We know for a fact that you’ll love the incredible collection that is on display at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts. They also have a large art library that you can explore at your own leisure. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a quiet and reflective afternoon, then this museum is your best bet. This is another one of the best places to go to if you grew up in Montreal.

One of the top 10 places that everyone from Montreal loves

9. Place Ville Marie Observatory

Address: 3 Place Ville Marie, H3B 4S6

If you want to take in all of Montreal at once, then you’re definitely going to this observatory. Located at a height of 188 metres, it offers a 360 degree view of our beautiful city. It’s especially stunning during the later hours of the day, when downtown Montreal is lit up.

A beautiful place you’ll love in Montreal

10. Atwater Market

Address: 138 Atwater Avenue, H4C 2H6

This is definitely a foodie’s paradise that all of us Montrealers love. With so much delicious food on offer, the Atwater Market is easily one of the most fun places to visit. You’ll be able to enjoy an incredible breakfast and lunch on-site, as well as buy some fresh produce to take home for dinner. This is one of the places to go to if you grew up in Montreal.

A great place that everyone born in Montreal loves

Which of these incredible places would you visit first since you grew up in Montreal? What part of Montreal do you like best? Let us know below!

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