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Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

Music is what brings people together – it is a universal language. Music videos bring songs to life and are considered to be an art form. They can range from being sad, cute, or downright outrageous. There are so many iconic music videos out there but here is a list of the greatest all-time music videos that everyone needs to watch!

1. PSY – Gangnam Style

This is one of the music videos that when it was released, went viral. Released in 2012, this Korean song had every radio station replaying it and got everyone doing the infamous horse dance.

PSY doesn’t take himself seriously and this is reflected in Gangnam Style. This music video is very random and probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it is loud and entertaining which is what this song is all about.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

2. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Since her debut, Lady Gaga has always been known for being a trendsetter. Her choice of being very bold and unusual is reflected in her music videos and her outfits.

Bad Romance was released in 2009 and shows Lady Gaga in various different outfits, all of which are striking and definitely make a statement. Her back up dancers in each scene amplify the dance in matching outfits. The music video itself suggests that Lady Gaga considers the ‘bad romance’ like a drug she can’t live without.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch


This song made it onto our list of greatest music videos of all time and for good reason. Released in August 2018, this music video has racked up over 511 million YouTube views!

Staying true to their roots, IDOL features classic Korean instruments and this is reflected in the music video itself where there is Korean symbolism (such as the rabbit on the moon) and when the group is dressed in traditional Korean hanboks.

The video is very loud and has a lot going on but will definitely have your jaw drop after watching it for the first time.

4. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

This song is iconic in itself and this was the very first music video to hit 100 million views on YouTube!

Released in 2009 this catchy song about being jealous needed the ultimate music video to match and when it was released, it did not disappoint. Lavigne acts as both the girlfriend and the jealous girl and the story itself has many comedic aspects and fits the song perfectly.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

5. Dua Lipa – New Rules

This music is a must-watch for its amazingly smooth transitions between each scene and choreography.

Beginning with herself being the one that needs to get over an ex, the backup dancers act like her friends who support her. When the video progresses, the scenes repeat again but with a change of outfit and showing newfound confidence. The scenes repeat again later again but with her friend being the victim.

6. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

24 Carat Magic is a fun song and is shot in Las Vegas where the magic happens!

Bruno Mars and his entourage hit Las Vegas where there are girls, money, and booze everywhere. Beginning with getting off a private jet, this whole video screams money and flaunting it (and plenty of it!). It is a loud and confident song and the music video shows this with the flashy jewelry and designer clothes.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

7. Ariana Grande – thank u, next

This song is about self-empowerment and mentions Grande’s past relationships where she thanks her past lovers for helping her learn lessons.

The concept for this music video arose from talking about her love for films such as Mean Girls and Bring It On. The music video references the films Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde and 13 Going On 30 and also features a variety of guests such as Troye Sivan, Jennifer Coolidge, Matthew Bennett, and Kris Jenner to name a few.

8. Chris Brown – Fine China

This music video is like a mini-movie and Chris Brown is proving he is an all-rounder with his singing, acting, and dancing.

The storyline focuses on Chris pursuing an Asian woman despite the disapproval from her father who is also the boss of a triad group. They flee together to a club where a dance battle takes place. Leaving the club, they find that her father has found them and in a standoff, the music video ends. This music video showcases Chris as a true performer with smooth moves which definitely shows homage to the late Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

9. Britney Spears – Toxic

Britney Spears debuted at a young age and has been known as the ‘Princess of Pop’. In her early years, she was known for her bubblegum pop songs but Toxic is more of her mature releases.

This is one of the music videos that again has a lot going on and a storyline which requires viewers to follow. Spears acts as a secret agent seeking revenge for an ex-lover and in between the different scenes, takes on different looks and roles.

10. NCT U – The 7th Sense

NCT U became the first sub-unit of the group NCT which has the concept of having an unlimited amount of members.

‘The 7th Sense’ is NCT U’s debut single and the music video which accompanies the song is relatively simple yet aesthetically and visually pleasing. The visual effects throughout the music video add to their sharp choreography and the dark colours emphasise the deep mood of the song.

Greatest All Time Music Videos That Everyone Needs To Watch

Are you going to check out any of these music videos if you haven’t already? Let us know in the comments below!

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