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7 Great Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

7 Great Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

7 Great Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

First tattoos are both amazing and horrible at the same time – on one hand, you’re starting your own tattoo journey, but on the other, you don’t really know what to expect. Tattoos are lifelong commitments you never want to regret, so choosing your first tattoo is always a big decision that’s, more often than not, very difficult to make. And while tattoos don’t always have to have a meaning, meaningful tattoos are great when considering your first tattoo, because you’re less likely to regret them in the future. So here at Society19, we’ve come up with 7 great tattoo ideas for your first tattoo that are both meaningful and beautiful to help you out!

1. A song lyric

Have a favourite song or band that means a whole lot to you? Why not get a song lyric for your first tattoo! Not only do they look amazing, but depending on what you get, they can be very meaningful to you too. With how prevalent music is within our society and lives, songs can hold a lot of meaning to us- especially in their lyrics. You can also accompany your lyric tattoo with a piece of art that represents what the lyric may mean to you, making your first tattoo all the more meaningful and unique than it already was.

2. Flowers / Plants

Whether it be your mother’s favourite type of flower, or just a plant you think looks really cute-Flowers and/or plant tattoos are a great idea if you’re looking for something both meaningful AND aesthetically beautiful. They tell people that you’re down to earth (ha, get it), and the meaning you bring to it will be something you hold dear for eternity.


3. Roman numerals

Roman numerals are a great way to commemorate an important date you never want to forget. Not only that, but they’re simplistic in design, so they won’t be too much to handle for your first tattoo. They hold very important meaning, and won’t be over the top either (if that’s not something you’re trying to go for). Just make sure you get all the roman numerals correct!

4. The outline of a country/state

Getting a tattoo of the outline of your country and/or state is a great way to show your appreciation for your roots and love for your home country. The country/state you grew up in really does shape who you have become today, so getting a tattoo to commemorate that will serve as a reminder to always appreciate your roots, and to stay grounded in who you are.  Not only that, but an outline of a country can also represent your wanderlust- your love and desire to travel around the world. Regardless of what meaning you tie into this tattoo, it’ll look amazing with its simplistic design either way.

5. A meaningful quote

Whether it be a religious quote that really speaks to you (eg. a bible verse) or something your dad told you when you were little that really ingrained itself into your mind, quotes are a great first tattoo idea. Not only do they look amazing, but the same with lyric tattoos, they will be very meaningful, too. Quote tattoos say a lot about a person’s moral values and view on the world, and it can serve as a reminder of these values you might hold deeply in your heart.

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6. Something dedicated to a loved one

Getting a tattoo that’s dedicated to someone you hold close and dear to your heart is another great first tattoo idea! It can be your sister’s favourite animal, your mother’s favourite type of flower, a handwritten note from your dad, etc, etc. With this one, you can let your imagination go wild with what you might want to represent your loved one. However, just a word of advice- don’t get a tattoo dedicated to your SO. You’re most likely going to regret it in the future. But other than that- a tattoo dedicated to family or someone that has really impacted your life positively is something you can consider for your first tattoo!

7. Animals

Animal tattoos are another great first tattoo idea. Animals can represent a lot of things- from reminders to exert a certain personality trait (eg. lions and courage), to more personal meanings and stories that are unique to you. Not only that, but they look amazing and you can show them off to all your friends and family! Animal tattoos are artistic, and meaningful all at the same time.


Are you looking to get your first tattoo? Or maybe you’re a tattoo veteran, and would like to share your first tattoo experience? Leave your thoughts and opinions down in the comments and don’t forget to share this article to friends and family who might need the ideas!

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